a direction that simply assimilates social networks in general is a discovery 21 century there is the firstly Facebook, but what else is there then contact classmates and so on my nature is youtube google plus let’s note from the recognizes a little amused by the chat now started to be banned for the links, look who it is, most likely for the opening of the link to the marina, I goes to show This video is similar now I can not join about your question here are social networks can be used as one of the sources of attraction and linked with a kid with possible consumers will certainly be cooler if you have many contacts of these parties, that is , not only social networks but too email and telephone but if the networks started to be banned here in more detail which networks they used to be showers, maybe now they have toughened up therefore but nevertheless, Oksana VKontakte is clear here again the forms of filing if you submit information as a competition, participation in which involves a transition to the site and play-act certain actions if you arrange your group that you yourself established and a group from push products and services your fellowship, then there will be no gang here, so the question is the question is disguised undefined not ever and not all let’s get caught yes here you are eligible to read the rules nevertheless social media marketing push on social networks is one of the most effective why it is not clear because these are the same sites as Yandex as google as facebook then there are social networks, they miss you to pay money and for the fact that you advertise on their website understand why they start hospices but this is a measure it can be tough 0 so post link to your site and you can still change the approach here advertise not to external sources advertise internal sheets of internal groups and then when you are already typing internal internal page worse inside their hands and announcing with links to external sources but tens of thousands of cells accurately write well, there will probably be awesome money here in contact, you can customize I agree to advertising and so let’s tell you about social advertisements in social VKontakte structures I will tell you without diving into the details, you are able to understand that now I am conveying the basics of the basics just what is advertising and what canals exist in order to was to promote through these directs so let’s who and so you see here enumeration of 8 social networks which of you registered in all eight social networks VKontakte Facebook classmates google plus call my world is in a slurry and on youtube framed it in the chat plus sign which of you is registered in all these social networks gorina you are a mega boosted customer I congratulate you olga you too thousands, very, she’s great, I didn’t expect that there will be at least person or persons generally none of project participants I have talked about before about these social the network was not registered in so many social networks ok oksana ok so a little last-minute oh yes this is a live journal reservoir you are the ones who are not registered the rest are there how many 65 parties are there 50 million or how many there are already more than 50 million people 50 million people plucked can you imagine what public you can advertise to facebook now on even if I’m afraid to lie to mine, but a good deal here we will be discussing a billion to you facebook is 20 times more than contact classmates 50 million people to the most advanced facebook classmates the more advanced my most too 50 million as well as VKontakte well, a little more will be given plus in russia not so widespread network but nevertheless google plus it the social network of the search network google and I, too, is not take you, but countless, many yes there are millions I dont know honestly exactly two million two hundred million chatter mostly in russia 1 million cross-file 4 more than 1 a million most likely there is a million and a half perhap lubricant is already at 50 times less than VKontakte, but nevertheless there is a certain public in politics entrepreneurs people who, as it were, control top overseers, approximately speaking, such India is a kind of writers all sorts of well a certain story but nevertheless 1 million people of mine world-wide and there are also a large number of millions of beings previously the same on youtube and even a billion in total more than a billion and so here is social media and ads on these social media it is actually very important if you are an advertising manager either do ad or obtain and do push and become good advertisers, you must first of all be registered in all of these social networks, you should understand the tools of advertising these social structures because VKontakte, for example, Facebook in classmates in my nature there are search networks that are both in Yandex and like google adwords and allow you to residence ads for fund on the same social networks and in all social networks ad can be given for free as well as shareware dedicate everything to different ways to do at least three actions we know how to structure in social networks this is contextual advertise when you target for coin it is advertising in groups for coin when you take the more popular group with a attendance of half a million people in epoch and impart dance publicize for coin and the third is the type of marketing as is practicable doing this is essentially the same posting of information in other groups, but not for money and he can knock on the sides and so Oksana is cool but about evil I faced such a problem tweeting 400 friends I advertise there later listen yulia write what do you disagree with oksana you 100 admirers encountered “youre a man” or the status of women reputation gal describe that man about chatter one or two beings month pass clear dmitry good well, let’s here again need to understand advertising be provided to your report or in someone else’s on the tightrope how often do you not generate you dedicate direct marketing or disguised you write we sell pies for 5 rubles or write down 10 recipes on how to cook “the worlds largest” yummy, but if the more you will be on such headlines, the topic will be more traffic to you on the site that is, parties are interested in advertising not in ad at all, but in principle yes people cherish material that is, read something of ours at school nine eleven years learning to read read read predicted everything very often learn speak more or watch or listen but to us I wonder when we watch some beautiful movie an interesting film for us it is interesting to receive valuable and useful information that will entertain us who will help us solve our problems, explanation our the issues and who will help us make money more precisely if you give people information on how to move more coin how to solve their own problems is associated with their interaction with diseases of significant increment with something else there that topic the more his trip to your area are likely to be the more beneficial content, the more alterations you have, the more parties you will have and this useful content should not be easy to click immediately give in it must be packed beautiful headlines headlines are copywriting is a separate topic we can now switch to pirate, but I will not impose there was a wall now advertising if you are interested in copywriting predict sergey bernatskiy or watch our teaching which you were angry maximum check out recently w a two-day training there still pro copper one will be and so if you write on your quaver but headlines like in three days draw everything there 10 thousand rubles for the sale of socks near the metro there and yours yard on the themes of 100 tips-off on how to induce extra money working at your primary chore, for example, you have selected the central tack Dmitry and in the main direction grant a knot of useful tips in the textbook account of the article on statistics and that’s as soon as you on flutter a large number of these handy systems will increase the number subscribers and there will be transitions not of the 1st month, but much more you need to deal with twitter there is here on I will talk about how promote and cause open how establishing and promote your account in tweet I “re going to tell” later the employer group to me with the surmount group there I I will give a separate lesson to this tool in detail the whole night I will tell the locates of the microchips that allow you to increase the number of subscribers and on the right to advertise them before side and so let’s go back to social networks and so vkontakte facebook classmates all it allows you to attract brand-new readers it is important that “theyre using” it, but today Im precisely physically feeble. I will not be able to tell you how to use the tools in various social networks so that you can customize the process of teaching announce through social networks and even through only VKontakte it takes several hours to understand I give you connects you go to sure-fire sheets I explain the reasons where you need to jump-start you need to write what forms you need to fill out what public target you need to choose and so on and so forth, that is, compiling social media advertisements are just one of the methods yes further which radicals to hop-skip the advanced group how to advertise which announces make up a car, there was still several options all this for each social networks for a separate lesson is obligatory here now with all my libido to give you the maximum amount of valuable and useful information unfortunately I is not have enough time to tell you exactly how you need to use this system so that there are guests, I is impossible to “re saying you” you are eligible to figure it out on your own, it just takes a lot more season than doing it while studying someone has a free course and a paying track and it doesn’t matter go to VKontakte, sound the advertising button there speak carefully what it means the make of your first ad the ad will give you the limits of your delight there will be no end until specially if pony person will click and go to therefore social networks Georgie it is done differently everywhere for example advertising on the tube very cool cool ad I just thought that scrap but nevertheless publicizing tubes allows for certain askings to appear your ad sense from 1 google search engine are believe in Yandex the carnival will race and you will see the very first thing that will give you this three videos indicator at the highly top in the video time or in Odessa monies cringe and the first 100 places 101 100 places will be about festivals let’s feed 1 169 remembers video footage question huge amount of data and youtube to study you tuba addressed to timur tazhetdinov vowel specialist I tell you I recommend his routes solely on advertisement on youtube and last nearly a few months, that is, imagine on the study of only one of the oak you need spend 1 month to become an expert in advertising through youtube and could use youtube to attract to your area commerce to your activity is different traffic depending on what or you will shoot but there are thousands of beings a daytime there was still 2000 parties in a month or a week, everyone is about to change differently, again depends on countless ingredients, but nevertheless a month to study one instrument, you now you understand how difficult it is and it takes a lot of time we nevertheless, I consider it important to master these skills for every ad as soon as you will know how advertising is given on these social networks how much does this advertising cost you will be able to delegate these tasks to the contractor and build a whole army of advertisers who will work for you and to create any traffic for you for any projects this is cool by the way next stage is the firstly degree that you need to go through independently master all these VKontakte advertising tools are sure to learn how to create Facebook ads and advertise in other groups in my classmates the world is on google and on gab and on your tube but these are the main social networks which I myself which I myself implementation which I advertised the same there bloggers through bloggers can advertise as cool and effective employment, but what does it want, look at marketing very much and at how it is to do and in what styles and what to promote the page that I could better groups promoted for example, or render everything about everything about this, I are you able tell only on your webinars in the ruler group for those who participate there such YouTube tutors timur tazhetdinov in my opinion it is written to you by the way the question is how to surmount 10 most powerful advertising tools taught to allure thousands and thousands of consumers to era at the lowest CPC and spawning more money on it is the main question two reactions first choice it will take several years to learn these tools on your own, but as for me drives that he has it and a lot of money and more coin for all these corrects second an option is to use the recommendations and mentoring the so-called meme is just a very important element for any person which will be successfully kept, I render you participation in my employer to the advertising group, my main goal and Master Bruce are going maximum solutions to be honest, I’m looking for myself I am looking for spouses whom I can from whom I coach and whom I can then delegate all the advertising campaigns that I have so that I myself stop doing this unnecessary people whom I I will educate and which is able to exactly then my partners earn on this money, of course, all this will be paid for one thing, I decided that it would be easier for me school yourself what to look for now and check people whom I don’t know how now, too, here is such a feature that if you make people who are not you know, there is a possibility that there is a lot of term for them to find out ad does not immediately result in the maximum the number of registrations at the minimum cost and in earnings on sales of publicize services and so let’s continue the advantage of the captain circle and it does not take time one ruby formerly a few weeks 12 hours a few months each lesson last-places 24 hours studying one advertise tool and practicing the talent of using it that is, one assignment works out one tool and merely one 2 instruction then there is depending on the complexity of the instrument, we will practice and implement all the knowledge gained by the second compulsory homework and obligatory fulfillment of one third of this personal processing personal feedback and the last is attracting advertising patients then there i will tell you to teach how to find advertising patients of paper make money while studying the following results of my students about which I spoke the enjoy of the Sabans is my students whom I learn to organize online consultations, she compiled 4 thousand “shes had” 4 400 subscribers online and 40 thousand rubles for one conference I didnt make now Im telling you exactly the results those individuals who studied with me to organize online happens there I talked about rendering chippings to attract people in various marketing routes but it was not the primary topic, it was indirectly along the way, but push is a little bit I am proving you another direction while the outcome of that those people who I have natalya drevarkh invention convention 4 1288 a lot rallied 40,000 rubles and earned this Tanya Kravtsova in a few weeks and a half thousand registration has collected 500 dress both participants and 30 times thousands of rubles are in the results in people and finance, and even then not all this is just a few girls who participated my recent programs and so the standard part of the master group 5 thousand rubles overhead for webinar participants today one month is 4 lessons 3,500 3 month is 12 readings 7000 rubles and 6 months up to 24 exercises 90 rubles for announce, it will take us about 20 class at least, that is this is half a year of go, one ruby a week is devoted to the topic of pushing study one implement and so the guarantee I utter a 100% coin back guarantee if you do your homework and you do not have a result and that you need to coordinate the time of the night now with the participants the moment the most penetration, that is, you know, most probably it are likely to be by Tuesdays Mondays and Wednesdays and it is advertising groups and from 8 to Moscow time to one o’clock in the evening from 8 to Moscow around this time it will be stand us what to do now follow the link tie in the chitchat elect the number of classes you pay for participation

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