how many of you have received your audits well I’m going to tell you a little about what it is that we can aspire to and about everything that we have to review is worth everything to be fine I have one I have an hour of presentation I am used to a little more than time but basically I would define an online marketing plan and the marketing online in general like a like a table this is a table It has four legs and like all tables but it has four legs like almost all tables if it does not have four legs or limps or falls directly basically it is what it is that we are going to have to focus the four legs of online marketing for me are organic positioning themes search engines is a way of making our product known by making us know our service logically I am speaking in very general lines but you think especially about export you have to have a good pse o you have to have a good paid marketing strategy that we have to be very clear that if we want to be in all market niches in what we want to appear we can not only focus on being in the sem we have to have a content strategy we have to offer the user something that really interests him not only to arrive and well this is my product and value it there are many ways I will explain it to you with a little more in detail of managing those contents on the internet and apart from issues of social networks have already told me that you have talked enough about networks social but maybe you have to see a little photos from further away because it is important to have a presence in networks social when I comment on a topic that is one year old is a table I’m talking about optimization content in sem search engines and of social media logically this is very generalist but it is what I am going to to recommend that you take into account when evaluating your plans that at least touch this this is not an online marketing plan this touch I would touch only two sticks and I would go around a lot on exactly the same thing This would not be very incomplete either and this is not a plan either topic that have too much segmentation too we don’t have to focus simply touching the four suits that interest us there will be formulas that interest us more and that interest us less but above all what we have to have Of course, our online marketing plan has to be a strategic plan it has to be something they want that defines some goals in what position we are and where we want to advance what is it that someone wants can you tell me here what is your goal what is the goal of your plan when you sell online marketing there are times that people He says he has no more visits from France that he does not do not sell from France To false is not to sell to Dubai to sell that has to be the objective but logically for that we have to make a strategy we have to know who is our enemy wants our friend there with whom are we going to have face and with what weapons can we attack them if they are not using socially we do have to be using it if they do not have a We are well positioned and they are not having marketing strategies We have to deal with it.I am going to comment a little bit for Above all, what is it that logically has to include a initial state we have to know who we are and where we are as I commented in my presentation a couple of weeks ago as an agency we already had a lot of experience in as for SMEs and I know more or less how they work what their weaknesses and I know that what SMEs usually want is to focus in your activity and build your company many times that we have neither time nor want to be defining but we have to be and we have to know here a lot has been said about the subject of data we have to know what our weaknesses are we have to know how to face them we have to know what our threats are we have to know what they are our objectives we have to be very clear about the starting point before anything else that’s why the initial state is so important then the objectives and sell sell sell but one of you speaks now that I have an online store many of you I suppose that you have met for example because you have online store and they have sent you a contact form and it turns out that the contact form is someone who is looking to distribute your products in a certain country it is a beastly business opportunity it is not a sale online as such but if it can be measured it can be measured as a sales opportunity because from this happy contact they have been able to leave as many business opportunities we have everything we have everything we have to be able to measure all the objectives we set has to be measurable preferably has to be measurable compared to previous periods we are not going to say my goal is to have thousand visits never my goal is to sell a percentage more with the internet or start selling online without starting it or attract more than a higher percentage of customers in these countries see the time that areas for improvement such as increased search engine optimization advertising pay per click 300 the cop gives per pay per click we have search we have display we have video and within display we will have marketing and there it is a group that extends many tentacles that we have to define what are the that we really need from here there will be parts that we say good is that here it is not worth it in my sector it is not worth it to be in search because is very expensive because the return on investment would be much lower but without However a good remarketing strategy if it is not worth it I say the word of marketing a lot but I don’t know if there is anyone here who does not know what the subject is, I say how many of you do not know what it is marketing only one of marketing is when you go through google and it chases you a banner that is marketing when you are anywhere and there is a panel that from time to time you went through a travel website and it chases you continuously that trip because that is remarketing and that is essential for power to attract visits from people who are interested in your product and then the subject of content strategy there are many people who solve this telling me to see a blog and that’s it is no longer having a blog is not a strategy content is part of having a content strategy but that gives you a strategy because it lasted you have to think about it before the whole issue of communication corporate social ideas if I have a product a service and you have has I am going to make it known about values and I am going to make it known in all channels that you may also not need to invest a liquid simply that invest time is how beautiful social networks have everything that everything that comes out of a digital marketing plan has to have all four times has it has to be fluent it has to be functional it has to be able to provide feedback you have to have a communication channel your website as an online sales channel does not have to be only a speaker of your company that many times will confuse your mentally singer also has to be some ears of your company has that you have to be able to capture you have to be able to capture information what our user wants to do the web analytics when you receive forms you have not only have to say I launched this message but also capture it and adapt them to those potential customers and on all loyalty within your pandemic has also has to come an impressive loyalty plan the other day commented on the whole issue of brand promoters and detractors we are going to try that through our marketing plan that there is some point in which we talk How are we going to retain those people? How are we going to convert those potentials? clients in followers of our brand the first thing that the online marketing has to be search engine optimization topics for me this is already more the personal opinion of what the time SME was looking for have a page that is well organized and well structured so that search engines understand it practically all search engines yo yo at the most of google because here is the one that is used the most in spain but it is a searcher is a librarian and as such a librarian what we have to do is to leave the information well organized so that he knows when he has that we have to return them if we have a product we will have to specify what well that we have to give them some good descriptions if we sell paddle tennis rackets and we want to export for paddle tennis we have to put on the paddles they are wood if they are plastic if they are carbon fiber if they are of these colors what is their durability how many times a week can they be used we have to We have to be very clear about everything and all that will have an impact in a way positive in how we end up seeing positioning ourselves the first step that you have to contemplate for me is what networks are friendly if someone does not know, imagine I do not know if you some you have a page whose url looks like this what do you see here some vvlez that are quite complicated like that then in any section of the page and it is not it is not simple you do not know what there is just by seeing the url does not happen to you in the link and you have to click to see it this is a friendly command german and domain bar catalog bar green bar t-shirts this is an essential part and for me it is something that is practically mandatory to have integrated into an online store because facilitates a lot it is in distraction in search engine therefore it facilitates a lot the attracting new customers the unique and original content exactly Likewise, a planning has to come about how we have to organize the content within our website copying is not worth copying and pasting and not everything counts only counts when positioning a marketing plan that says you have to write more you don’t have to write you have to make vows have to do side photos you have to take photos in three quarters and also yours that Make videos of the product the more information the better for the user with the players this also has to be contemplated do not copy and paste never all seekers know perfectly be paste copy who was the first to put that type of content if someone has someone is tempted to say well I’m watching this product that this product is also sold by a lot of people but how is it Made in Spain I have the temptation to copy and paste descriptions of the competition that we know search engines are going to know perfectly when it comes to positioning ourselves In other countries, translation is very important. criticism in fact and therefore professional translators if we want to optimize what what is the organic positioning of our website and above all it has to be defined in the theme plan that they have, what is the structure that should be the ideal on your website depending a little then Also from the baggage of the agency and the experience at the level, the one that you define hey your website for right now the content structure is not it is not the optimal is usually a good first step for the SME, it tends to feel quite bad and gains that you have to change half of your structure but really if what we want is to get to a good port and possibly sell the first thing What we have to do is restructure some of some low-income SMEs distance they do not have to do this step because they already have enough structured but it is something that is usually quite normal then following from following from the search engine optimization part as well have to talk a little bit about which keywords are going to be used and what keywords we are going to focus logically, his is to focus on the generic keywords that I do not know business but now sectors in which due to competition or seniority our competition will be impossible or if you leave in certain keywords therefore you have to take care of them and you have to do quite a lot of keyword analysis optimization of titles has to see suggestions of how you have to establish the titles when giving products are registered there are many that you simply put a title of three words to an article and there are people who give you ten-word descriptions not titles must be approximately 170 characters at most descriptive as possible and descriptions have to be as descriptive possible that is why they are called descriptions of approximately 150 characters how many more information we give better more this is also positioned in the formula a little the protocol of how you would have to register it for me It should be part of the marketing plan that they tell you, hey this is important because depending on how you do the content input you have a chance to position us in one way or another if I want to sell paddle tennis shoes and in the name of item as simply the make and model most likely when Someone look for the padel model, I go out, go down completely in seconds on third pages if in ads in the past the same without ads in a google shopping therefore that part is very important before we do practically nothing because a good structure and a good anxiety is already the first step for any website then follow the guidelines for webmasters if we search the internet we look for guidelines for google webmasters google webmaster guidelines easily appears what are the steps that we Google is saying that we have to continue for a for a for a positioning at least to leave the page ready to position never ever be tempted to cheat of doing certain unethical positional techniques looking for I don’t know if you I guess so because practically every foot I know has happened to them I do not know if at some point in your business life he has called you to any agency saying that they put you first in search engines has reached us This is okay, don’t trust, no one should assure you should ensure top positions in search engines nobody knows in fact google has a very clear document that gives you some recommendations when hiring a label and logically agencies and more on it when developing the plans you have online they have to deal with the subject the pse or nobody can assure you a first position is ok if The and then been if they offer it is that they possibly use genetic techniques and then how it commented content content content what do we do when when we go online to consume content to all hours of all kinds can be leisure content can be content how to buy something can be comparative can be anything but the more we give to read no we have to elaborate too much but if we have to tell things that for that specific user for our type of client is interesting if so yes we have a relatively technical product and we do not make a technical sheet what we are going to achieve is that our users can be fully informed or that you may be wanting more but therefore we will try to inform those users the best we can the best that we can is to give them all the content we can and the content as commented it is not only not only text also the contents are photographs Also contents are videos in certain ecommerce that I managed If you see a teddy bear and we take a picture of the teddy you had so many sales to the month of that stuffed animal by simply putting a video of a girl taking a plush one size two plush size and the user saw what those actually big stuffed animals in the girl’s hands sales increased 40% just because there was a real comparison what size on the teddy because many people who say teddy about windy centimeter high very good phenomenal 28 centimeters how many 28 is this like this no but nevertheless in the hands of the hands of that figure before then already something else appeared and people were already making up their minds to buy and a product appeared a little more a little more real well I have also tried this address as much as possible regardless of the presentations so that you have access to a small basic wish manual that google has so that you can see a little bit that you have to work on when dealing with seo when you tell me to pass this the next leg of this table is worth for me it would be the sem but organize Look, I have not told them I have not told anything new about search engine simply make life easier and easier for search engines to index I search content and ready the content possible the rest if we do the product well it’s good the rest sooner or later comes you just have to work it there will be vitality that product is good they will have links from social media and in the end it will arrive traffic traffic to your web traffic that will then be shared between each other and How many of how many of you have maybe seen a rag in the mobile and then you have come home and you have finished it by buying that it also happens quite a lot then well it is first to structure the information and then you already carry out payment practices I’m basically going to talk about google adwords because it is the platform that I I know more logically there are others there are other platforms there are two platforms advertising that perhaps for my taste covers something less but good in google adwords the good thing we have is that we can cover practically all of them the stages that the user has when they are browsing both when they are looking for something on the internet as when you are looking for a portal when you are browsing or when you are consuming videos where we have display search remarketing and then advertising on youtube then it is to detail a little because it is very important that you have a strategy on youtube and really let’s make a small investment in making a 20 second video because it’s super interesting then we have other advertising platforms in ‘the we see the part apart from others but good if I have to recommend something adwords facebook and linkedin and depending on what we want to do I’m going to enter more in detail on what google adwords is and how many of you you have an adwords account and you already have a defined strategy well basically an adwords account is based i have an account within that account I have several campaigns each campaign has a different target because I have this campaign that is for France in French this campaign that is for Canada and in Canada I have two campaigns really because some in French and others in English then I have this campaign for Florida but clearly I have to have one in Spanish and one in English and I have this one for the UK. English and I have this in Spain but in Spain I have it divided by zones because depending on the area in which you want to sell the purchasing power and culture changes radically that is one that is a campaign on google adwords within these campaigns we have ad groups that are containers where are we going to segment those ads and within those groups then we have our ads and keywords so it seems very complicated but Then at the moment of truth it is something that is very simple, it is very hard, okay but but quite simple this is what would be ads in search both in this area like how this area are are paid ads someone is searching looking for a specific content and access it practically directly and well the only thing What this platform has to do is that I position myself when I want to the words that I want and bid what I want, that is, if it is a platform of pay per click if I am willing to pay 020 for each click I will not spend more than 0 20 if I am willing to search 0 30 I will pay more than 0 30 if only that I want to announce in the days between newspapers because it turns out that my product is not searched on weekends I can do it if I do not want to advertise a whole month because in that because the factory closes during that month or versions of my commercial team is going I can do it in the flexibility that we have now we do not advertise on this platform it is total then in google shopping here today we talk a lot about e-commerce for me any any online marketing strategy that has e-commerce has to have its own strategy in google shopping I don’t know how many of you will know how many of you You have not used it but it is that google shopping is something that is used more every day you are looking for a specific product and it is no longer just that it appears and that have the option of google shopping and enter google shopping on purpose but which is that we already have this type of advertising format that calls a lot of attention because because the user is seeing directly what it is what you want to buy is not not wanting to read a title or a description but I see look at you red shoes look what a difference only red shoes here with no heel shine before this there may be a little bit of everything you click directly on endesa are clicks that are very relevant because people already know what they will find to put if you find it for this you have to do well because you have to do a small technical process to connect the database with a google platform that is google merchn center but well the agencies are qualified for it and this for me it is if we work ecommerce it is something that is critical not later ads on youtube talked about how good at adwords depending on the sector we are in, we leave the questions for later it is very urgent and very urgent look Tell me and smear a bit like science shopping at the brand level that is to do branding campaigns on adwords depending on how you want to do it but for your manager and within your strategy you already define where you want appear and where not that is why I say that in the online marketing plan you have to be very clear where you want to appear and where not has returned think if someone is looking for a product of a specific brand will appear appear The truth is that I could not find anyone who has told me that he is in google shopping discredited the entire brand image for now when I implemented it at the end what I see are numbers and I see sales and I see visits and use and the truth is that what enters here It is a canyon with a general because they are very relevant visits and I have not seen no I have seen any damage to the brand image well I commented on adwords if we try to network search as commented we try to display CPCs vary a lot in cost because it varies a lot depending on the competition that we have in the end is a bidding system and it may be that our competition is seeking higher our competition is seeking higher lower there are sectors that are very cheap to advertise and there are sectors that are much more expensive however on youtube what the formats advertising that we have that are called truviu formats, the only thing they ask us is having a video on youtube will be possible between about 20 and 40 seconds and the cost per click right now of this platform I believe that all the notices sometimes on youtube that if the promoted videos that if the ads that appear five seconds that a stream was destroyed or just good because the than those that appear as videos as related videos the cost of these ads per view or per click is between 4 and 7 cents or with four euros we can take 100 people to our page and over there are 100 people who have seen directly what we sell are visits that are It is interesting that they do not have these formats first until good at formats that are searchable like this you are looking for makeup Mercadona and makeup tricks and intense look appear here well depending on what we want depending on what we want to advertise but this format is the string that is 5 seconds and you can skip or not the ad they only charge you if that person has seen at least 20 seconds of that video or if you clicked on it if you have watched 20 20 seconds of that video if only for the branding that social of the image of mark that here I know that there are many of you who are looking to have a presence and a national and international positioning are worth worth having it because check the cost when a thousand people see your video it is an average of about 40 euros it is a platform that is super interesting and Then there is what is advertising on display, which are basically the ballets that you find as you go as you navigate here and there and you are finding banes you are entering a page of architecture as if I am to imagine that I sell screws and I am entering an architecture page where they talk about constructions with good metal because there is a good place we can focus it by themes we can focus it by interests we can focus it on the keywords that certain documents have and then the good thing about it is that we can focus the shot a lot on a who we want to focus that advertising and not only that but with these display campaigns we can reach we can reach people who have already visited our website and also the marketing one or depending on the retargeting platform imagine that I make a plan of online marketing and within the online marketing plan there is no way to civilized a user without coinciding did the user tell them to enter networks phenomenal social very well if I put the social media icons above there is a very great possibility that they leave my website to click on them, if I put the icons below, it is most likely that they will not return or just not those who do not see them if I put the social media box in a side to the best is that it makes the page take much longer to load than habitual and cause discomfort to that user after How are we going to try to retain users of those people who arrived and did not buy those people that I am interested in that continue to know my brand with remarketing that It is the example of hey that you have seen if he chases you, those are this champions of misconfigured marketing if it generates a feeling of persecution is that it is not well done a marketing in conditions what you have to do is increase your brand image and increase your interest in a certain product or service without looking like a salesman beatings is worth so much for me this is a part which is very important whatever the platform we already work with both or with any other marketing or challenge platform you have is something you have to enter yes or yes because apart here what we are doing is chasing that user we are showing advertising to users who are already going through some or site web we are not playing for certain keywords we do not know by bidding on appear on certain pages certain themes but we are looking towards users then we are paying a very high cost much less per click is also the marketing is the option you have google advertising more focused on return because we already know that people who visited our page had at some point interest in our our services and what we sell are clothes but within of clothes we sell women’s t-shirts we can show you advertising of women’s t-shirts to those specific people to whether I have been through If I am a man, I have not gone through the men’s t-shirt section so that They are going to teach me, woman, all this has to be contemplated because the strategy a marketing strategy will require a few steps technicians to be carried out on the web and it will also have to be synchronized to the teams both to the people who have made that web project and as the agency the descent that is doing is making the strategy with the willing agency, within that plan, you also have to establish how they are going to communicate those parts the good in social networks social networks I think I do not know exactly what content they have given you but at the time to make a social media marketing plan without always a period of support being realistic and being SMEs they are not they are not a savior they are simply a point of support where we can first get our message create online popularity and loyalty to our users In social networks you would have to enter google + google + it is very important to have it more than anything because there are some metrics that are the metrics plus 1 in which we can link our page of google + with our website and with our adwords account and all those +1 we can also unify our site in such a way that we have a social relevance at google level then logically facebook is and we have a Huge user base we have twitter how good about twitter users is that are usually quite faithful to the platform and tend to consume a lot content directly from it interest especially if we are dedicated to mass consumer products it is important to be in bellies that can puncture us that they can share our our important images be clear that each of these social networks has its audience to me there is times that I realize that I meet companies that say it is not that I am only on facebook or I am only on tuenti but because there are users that you have to be on twitter and if I do it with you maybe you will consume more contents and click on more links that are on facebook but I click more on google + and another person click more on twitter if all are in all are free and there are tools that allow you to be in all of them at the same time and not having to be one by one to put as an example exploited social or hootsuite we are going to use them we are going to have all the presence we can and then now and then we will have analytics to see where each comes from visit which generates sales which generates use we will have funnels multichannel and we will see where each one comes from and who supports whom to the time to make an online sale then we arrived and we found that users who initially came out of interest and then ended going through face through our facebook page then they ended up looking for us directly by brand in seo and finally we get that window and we have to rely on our different sources of traffic like this is a football game this is a pass so there is one that in the end scores the goal but logically has needed has needed assists, as I said, each one consumes the contents where I want I suppose that if I go to see it and you asked where do you think more links or where you see each one is going to tell me to click more links in a resolution in specific there is therefore as each one would say one thing we are going to try to cover all the possible ones are not trace only one social network try to be in all and I am going to you and this I already tell you more focused on a general level I there was also a lot of effort in being in google blas then on the subject of social networks the great belief of social students because I don’t know how many of you do that and that no one wants to admit it, how many of you are clear about what it is your goal in social networks possibly none for to produce the content but with what objective the first thing that commented is the marketing plan has to have defined objectives what is the objective of my social media strategy make yourself known, make yourself known, well, recognize yourself in a thousand ways build loyalty improve your brand image generate generate branding and how to generate branding conversation This is how the profile of the community manager is very fashionable. person that the big company suffers and solves the browns that come to him social networks on weekends morning test beans of those who really one of the best things about social networks is no longer only extend content and make known what we have but power talk someone comes and asks us on twitter if we have something yes we do this and we can tell ourselves if not someone has a problem and comes to us through twitter we can give you we can give you an attention there are others users who see that you give that attention to see that you are worrying about your customers from an area of a specific area or language therefore that builds trust in the brand is not just reaching out and posting for posting no no post I do not post I do not post you do you love yourself on social networks I like to say that you have to have a whole all all without without without You have to be on all social networks, there are tools that are very really simple to use that allow you to be in all at the same time with three clicks it is not necessary to go to a place put a post adapt the post we cannot be in all with a few clicks in all the countries where we want to be there are many, many SMEs that I am finding that their strategy that they sell in france that they sell in germany and where they sell least is in Spain and where social networks make the most effort is in Spanish because you are not worth that striving to cover all possible languages no you will only have each other in the native because possibly where you sell the most is where the more you need to create that brand and not create that trust the brand and then without being insistent there are people who spend a lot or they spend or not 10 posts arrive a day, it is not necessary to count things when they are not interesting or when they do not have much relevance it is not necessary alice and logically if I medical textile and a new European regulation on the cotton treaty comes out Well, maybe they are interested, but there will be other things that a user will come a little more to fill people are interested we do not have to appear bored we do not have to clarify that we are speaking for the sake of talking we have to talk about concrete things and if someone follow it is because possibly the interest those are promoters of our brand or are interested in that in that specific type of service product therefore we are not going to bore you, we are going to tell you the things that interest you and not we are going to publish by publishing within our online marketing plan has We must also define what our strategy has to be at the network level social networks and which social networks we are most interested in depending on the public logically it is not the same to sell a product that is focused on an audience between 15 and logically then we will go more to facebook and tuenti imagine that they sell a product that is focused on 25 and 45 that we would possibly have to be in practically all but in tuenti or make it less important or focus so much on the level social networks you have to talk you have to talk a lot about networks and define how many, then, a day that we would have to talk about how We had to talk to see a little what is the brand image you want to give Well, I do not know if how many of you have to install signed as As an agency, the way to communicate that you have to install is hello, we are a panda of we are a bunch of geeks is looking at me is our fondita I think is the way in which we want to communicate we do not want to be the typical the typical serious agency of what we see we want to give it that image and for both also at the communication level, it is necessary to have a very defined we want what we want to teach about ourselves and we have to define whether we will address people all over you if when it comes to responding to Those people are going to do it in a closer or more distant way if we go to keep our distances and we will short answers or we will get involved in the process, all that must be defined as commented on strategy and then good so that the topic of social networks here helps, look at how We commented after your clients keep users up to date on the brand news generate presence reputation management more than one more of two more than three here they will find authentic browns with nets of people criticizing the brand there are real people who are experts in solving this and really that when I when I see someone a tweeter or someone on Facebook is going directly to attack a brand in public because there is had any problem, something very common, usually do it, it is usually do it with telephone companies if you look at the twitters of the telephone companies telephony are full of answers forgive me we try to solve sorry We are working on it, but really when we have that such a beastly chance of being able to manage our reputation for that way we are going to take advantage of it and we are going to try to solve things and people see that when we are there and we really care of our clients that those of us who encourage them that we love them there are that giving a little love no and you have to give a little salt to these things and you have to manage that reputation we can also offer support to people who come with doubts that you do not know how it works that you do not know if they can pay in a way Do not know if this product that we do not have in stock one day we have it a lot of average people call by phone or instead of refilling your case contact or send us an email they will ask you through social networks this product when you are going to have it in the blind when or when you are going to have availability in Germany you have to also handle these situations and Be careful, users and this, we are all users, we look at those things we look at if someone has someone if someone has problems if someone does not We check if this company is active if it publishes one post a month and publishes one every 20 days and public really does something interesting if not publish anything if it is if it is not all this we value it if we see it later now I like this brand and where it is on a social level, where it is, I don’t see it no, I would like to know English to follow them on google + to follow them on facebook but not to me and personally I do not know if you what would happen would generate a small part of my distrust towards the brand because I have a public communication channel, no, I don’t have it, it’s not up to me scope and then good content, I love to talk about the subject of content and it is a pity that it is so tight on average is the time thing because I meet a lot of people who are convinced that they have a content strategy is to have a blog on your website and talk about anything that comes to mind must also be very defined the strategy before our subject that has an insidious mind and of what form we are going to communicate content communication social networks is everything very intertwined but if we have a corporate blog we have to define whether we want a formal style if we want an informal style we are going to see from where we are going to link logically if we create some content that is interesting for users I do not know if have you seen lately some companies that have made harlem 6 you know what is that they start to dance what is that nothing people laugh yes generates brand image, absolutely yes there have been several various SMEs that have made a video the upload of youtube a garden 6 that is that they appear 44 people dancing absurd and really that has generated that has generated that there are visits to your web page there are people who have discovered that product and there are people who have finalized on that product is that good content that can be interesting pornographic or if the videos that are interesting because we are talking about our thing and we are speaking in depth a post of our blog we are going to tell how our manufacturing process works it is possibly possible for people to be interested in how they are made because the famous example is the t-shirts how they are made cotton t-shirts how I know how to sew polo shirts how it is distributed this type of product and what type of in what type of sites are we doing if we are doing some action with some NGO yes yes yes it is not worth us or not we have to define all that but writing by writing is nonsense and if we are going to open a blog and we are going to leave it there without updating three months it is better not to have it the same happens with social networks but his is have those communication channels and deal with them and have a strategy defined on to know how we have to treat them not everything is to write as I commented there are many times that a post of content either on social networks or on blog it can be from photos can be from videos and all this generates my quality towards the brand there are many many things that we can take advantage of the fact that they are highly sought after products in the textile sector the issue of virality is something that is used a lot but very many new products are continuously launched and many, many people sharing content until one finally becomes infatuated and ends and ends up buying not everything is are topics to say and how good it is 16 I already saw almost perfect and until Marta comes questions about the marketing plan I the ones that are used are hootsuite and social sprout hootsuite is written from suite as I was commenting all this very roughly, they are areas that should come defined within the marketing plan, there are many technical actions really techniques that must be valued here inside but this is what I I would recommend that you wait not only for the audits in the plans others that it has here but you when defining that planning know what you want and that you are clear about the strategy that you have to follow who is your audience and what is your competition there are out there I had questions you do not know when the other is looking but nevertheless there are many ways to include it if I take 040 and I am the third and bid 060 and I am the first with the second we are when 050 more or less there are comparison tools that tell you more or less what your situation is Regarding the rest but well you can guess but it is not information do not have not work we are not going to see and it is something that also perhaps goes without saying a little frog time that has the device theme is something that is almost over You study your status are in other talks to cross out mine much more longer than this and has talked much more about multi-device, not but all online marketing strategies have to be based on an environment multi-device so how many of you are connected with a device internet a day with a single computer with a single tablet with mobile nobody and that has one within our strategy logically in case we are in the sector industrial 90% of our visitors will come from computers desktop but in all the subject of the tablet and all the Mobile theme is something that we have to take great care of especially the mobile the mobile we have to take care of it in a spectacular way enter an online store and that it is not seen from the mobile is something that we cannot, we cannot allow us there are many people who will not buy directly in the store online from the mobile but if he was going to be infatuated and if and then he was going to buying that in textiles happens a lot but a lot of good in terms of furniture also logically I am not going to buy a sofa online but yes I’m already tired that my sofa has tatters, it has stains and it is ten years old Well, if I’m going to look at whether it is at the distribution level, it is exactly what Even there are many, there are many small furniture distributors that who seek to seek power online but no longer only do so from desktop devices but also do it from desktop devices on a smaller scale, you have to take great care and the simple strategy they have has be multi-device to things things like hears on your page right now and flash you have to remove it are things that are mandatory within any marketing plan remarketing lists can and can be generated using analytics then I can create an analytics segment or analytics goals if I am more from a certain time or from visiting so many pages on my site and from there create for example if someone visits two pages on my site is a zero for percent bounce, so I can add those people list of 50 entity type and a half because we have plenty of time we do not have them but they are not usually flash those are slide what we call what we see sliders or carousels and it is something that I on a personal level and on a professional I hate with all my might because he had visits is very well worth So the other day we looked at the theme of Homer’s car is worth the theme of no impose particularities to the generalities and the sliders the carousels as a general rule are the maximum exponent of the particularity What is there to you, it seems very nice to have some sliders that move there with all its products and such and that they move every five seconds and you have 55 x 5 25 who goes up to 25 seconds looking at the slides is who will go one by one moving the user is not interested in that the user what he wants is to consume content and consume that content as soon as possible does not want does not want to have to be looking and apart is that that influences a lot when it comes to the type of page load note that if you put an image static with the best of your offers or whatever content interests you the most highlight on your website what you are going to achieve is that content is fixed and you will load an image if you put a slider of 5 images that page automatically will take longer from mobile will take more from tablet with 3g and not only that it will take longer than that user In addition, he will feel that you are eating the data rate and at the In the end, that affects the pages visited on your site in the time of stay in civilization therefore pages faster than me too, for example in our audits if there is going to be a small audit vp or every decade website because the issue of speed to day of today is key we can no longer wait five seconds some web page is spoken to from 0.60 seven seconds we start to show up at look average second is how long our patience lasts when we start to see how cardona a web page and that also influences seo a lot inside within the pse or you have to talk about bp or that web performance of how long it takes in loading this website why why does all that page loading affect me It also affects Google Adwords for a long time he said hey for us speed is key in this and they take good care of it so slider is for me not never ever in life flash on what is web page in front-end Nor because always someone with a tablet and you have a page that is half in flash no they will not see that content they will not be able to consume content will not be able to think of those open levels vouchers so outside also more questions a couple of them let’s see if I talk to you about pins and I have a conversion ratio for visits I would tell you a good average would be It also depends on the sector, but a good measure would be between 2 and 7% but if it will already depend a lot on the return on investment that you have for each Selling is not the same as selling personalized gifts that work with a margin that is impressive is not the same to sell optics that is not same sell keychains maybe only between the edges and such as in your margin It is quite short in the end what you have to calculate is your role and if you with 2% conversions you are happy and because you have a good vibes it is no longer you have to pay so much attention to the fact that logically when you are already dealing with conversion rates you have to look more at the usability of the page you have to see that what is organized on the page is simple to use that which is an ecommerce that is not 9 steps as we commented on the another day all that has to be contemplated but more or less I do not know based only on adwords adwords what edwards and any of these strategies that I told you what they are going to do is bring traffic to the page and in adwords specifically what you win is a battle to carry qualified traffic to your website but the battle for conversion will be seen by the window defines the web page itself to be able to define it by price. define by usability can be defined by ease of the purchase process the you can define by a thousand factors not only not only by having more qualified traffic I can take you a lot of traffic then it turns out that you are expensive and the user has a bad habit that is to compare so you can have a super well organized fantastic website with a purchase process of one step and having an incredible google adwords campaign maybe you don’t sell plain and simple because this is the most expensive than your competition because not only not only is it something who defines those variables but it is also a lot of factors that also have to be included in the marketing plan if I make you a marketing plan and I see that it concerns the competition same product that is 10% more expensive I will make it clear that you are going to spend them like cain to sell this specific product because you are not in price but at least you have to make it clear another thing is that you say that within strategy company event this price and good point but the obligation of the agency that will pull is the former marketing agency at least warn that the competition is working with other cards more questions there is no more I think so and I am going to stay light brown come on Hello it is possible to distributors and the public would see it more complicated the attempts I have made since that type from yes yes yes that in addition to video marketing campaigns there are many people who what it does is seek to distribute distributors because that type of good products but for which a distributor is interested in your brand what you have to do you have to branding and you have to do that these people go to the furniture stores in Mexico and ask do you have this brand this product and say no to the third time you have to say no to something They are going to screech at them and they are going to say with these people it distributes to Mexico then she the first you have to work on a branding strategy and then try to link them with the distributors Yes varies totally when relating the two components in the end the components are more the same there was a war who were the waffles the waffles of which country were originally from belgium and the pancakes d no no no it’s not that I don’t know I don’t know who the waffle vs.Pancake fight was with a cure from france or belgium some are breaking the face always and in the end is that you say is that they are the same ingredients are the same are the same ingredients but the results are totally different and each one has its form then when it comes to defining whether he attacked a dealer if he attacked publics the final public in some or some way or another of you have to attack practically always because it is the one that is going to generate the demand of the product in a braking you will not order it online it will be at the pharmacy you are going to buy it but the television is already there is youtube and they are the different channels making you then go to that distributor then they are basically based on that in saying we are going to attack with these means in these channels in these ways because the topic of social media if I’m focused to distribute the best is not as important as if I am directed to be in the end varies a lot the strategy are not the same following if in different proportions in different orders I do not know if you solve something is almost roughly I logically but I am that there will already be parts that are more business and others Imagine what you tell me about a sanitary type from India that kind of You have restrictions, you have to know them in part at the business level but take them into account when planning then planning It will depend on how you want it on how you want to move it but what they are what they are The formulas can vary greatly between one type of company to others. restrictions that the country itself had and the agency itself that did not develop it even within the team the agency itself may also have variations In other words, in the end there is no single recipe, which is what it was commenting will depend a lot on the scenario in which you are logically the tram will be good when you are as adapted as possible to the stage and that include the maximum number of variables you can find the fewer things leave to chance it will be better you will find less brown but that is something of cooperation issues of cooperation and knowing who you develops that plan and then who executes it is another story but the development of the planning will have that you will have to give information really from a little inside the company to also find out how they work because for an online marketing agency to sell something or advertise something without having a real and specific knowledge of that product that service all these variables are quite complicated, you have to leave them quite a bit defined

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