Sometime having all the necessary information and tools available but not taking the next step that requires some sort of action to be taken does not help at all. Being well informed yet refusing to use the said information to benefit others is information wasted indeed.
Get On It

A lot of situations today become problems simply because people are unwilling to get involved or take some sort of action. Instead most hope that the situation will right itself or simple go away. This lack of action can and as evidence has shown is detrimental to any relationship especially the family relationship unit.

Thus there is a very important need to not only address the situation but to also make all efforts to design and execute a well thought out plan to rectify the situation.

Problems will always exist in one form or another and if one is well prepared or used to launching into a mindset of problem solving the exercise will eventually become easier and more result orientated.

Taking action can sometimes be an unpleasant task but nevertheless it should be done at the earliest possible opportunity. Allowing the situation to right itself may not happen and this could result in an even more difficult situation.

Enlisting the help of others who may have better experience or knowledge on how to approach the situation is very helpful especially if the said situation and the individuals involved do not have good relationships.

Taking action can also mean addressing the situation and bringing it out in the open for all to see and understand. In doing so some aspects of the situation may be brought to light and be better understood.

It will also to a certain extent force all those connected to the situation to be more forthcoming with their feelings and contributing factors that caused the situation to reach such a state.