It can be a challenge to do any kind of exercise when you live with chronic pain, however many studies and empirical evidence has shown that exercise does improve pain conditions. Yoga, and specifically Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) are two of the best types of exercises as they elicits the relaxation response in the body to counteract the very tumultuous and negative internal environment caused by chronic stress. Relaxation reduces stress effects on the body, and facilities a natural healing environment instead.

Benefits Of Practicing yoga:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Greater flexibility
  • Reduced joint and muscle stiffness
  • Better sleep
  • Better breathing
  • Improved energy and stamina
  • Acceptance and mental and emotional peace
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Improved fitness
  • A greater sense of well-being
  • Mindfulness that improves your ability to listen to your body’s needs
  • Greater physical comfort
  • Pain relief