How to Know You Are Ready to Become a Parent


When you have had a relationship with someone for a few years, you might want to take things to the next level… that of becoming a parent. Now, though this may be making you very excited, there are those jitters too. How do you know you are ready to become a parent? What should you base your decision on?


First and foremost, you need to think how well your relationship has shaped up to be. The person who will also become a parent with you—your partner—how is your relationship with them? Do you understand each other well? Is your partner also looking for becoming a parent? Parenting works well only if it is a mutual decision. Yes, there is a trend of becoming single parents nowadays, but that isn’t half as easy as sharing parenting responsibilities with someone.


Second, look at your financial situation. Are you capable right now to assume the financial responsibilities of an additional person in the house? This looks like an obvious thing that people will definitely think about, but it is surprising to see how many people ignore to do so, or at least undermine the financial aspect. Babies are extremely expensive to look after. Just their diapers will mean an additional $8,000 to $10,000 or more per year. No kidding!


Then, there is the fact that you will have to give your new member time. You will have to handle them, talk with them, feed them, clean them, clothe them, train them, look after their medical needs, spend sleepless nights in trying to make them sleep and so on. Are you ready to bear such drastic changes to your life? Are you willing to give everything else a backseat to look after your baby?


Also, you need to be spiritually and mentally prepared. You have you give your baby good values, make them trained in your religion, educate them to become responsible people in later lives and so on. You cannot do this unless you are in the right frame of mind yourself. Hence, you do need to see whether you are psychologically prepared too.


Just wanting a baby is not enough. They look very cute when they are cleaned and clothed and are sleeping in their prams, but only their parents (or nannies) know the troubles that go into coercing the baby to dress up and sleep in their prams. Realize that part of parenting, and knowledgeably take the decision. That’s the best way, and the only way there is.