Simply having all the right information and tools will not ensure an individual is well on the way to a good night‟s sleep. There is a need to put into practice all that has been found or suggested to be helpful in the quest to identify the best and most suitable style for the individual‟s needs.

Get Moving

The following are some of the methods that are recommended for consideration:

 Forcing sleep is not something that is unachievable. Contrary to popular belief, with the right tools sleep can be successfully induced. Creating the “stage” using limited lightening, playing soft soothing music, getting into comfortable attire, having a comfortable sleeping bed with equally comfortable accessories all help to add to the general inducing exercise.

 Though overly strenuous activities are often discouraged especially closer to desired sleeping times, some form of activity that will cause the individual to be sufficiently tired will be welcomed. This will enhance the body‟s need for rest and also encourage the individual to seek this rest in the form of sleep.

 Audio distractions are often the reason why people lament about the lack of sleep. Making sure the sleeping environment is free from such distractions will be instrumental in creating a more conducive atmosphere for sleep.

 For most individual who are of the older age group, making a conscious effort to avoid any caffeinated beverage is advised. Even the smallest amount of caffeine content drinks and foods can add to the struggle to gain a good night‟s sleep.

 Though this method requires some experimental trial exercises, it can be beneficial to know that certain types of foods may induce sleep while other may have the opposite effects like keeping the individual alert. Like caffeine there are other foods that may have this particular reaction when consumed.