A Questionnaire to Assess Your Relationship with Your Partner


Are you thinking about the real status of your relationship with your partner? Are you thinking about where you stand with them? Here is a questionnaire that can help.


  1. Do you think about your partner quite often, like once in every quarter hour?
  2. Do you plan ahead for special events in your partner’s life, such as during their birthdays, anniversaries and so on?
  3. Do you look forward to your partner’s company, whatever the occasion may be?
  4. Do you still like to do things they like and you don’t care for much? Would you, for example, go to the grocery store with them or watch a movie they want to watch even if you don’t want to?
  5. Is there still a good deal of conversation between you? Do you discuss daily matters and plan for the future in your conversations?
  6. Do you still want to know more about your partner, like you wanted to do in the early days of your relationship?
  7. What do you see reflected in the eyes of other people you know when they see you together? Do they still think you look good together?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to all 7 questions above, then you are on the right track with your relationship. In fact, it cannot get better. If you have 3-4 yesses, then you are performing fairly with your relationship, but you need to improve your act a little. However, if you have just 1-2 yesses or fewer, then you have to take things seriously and without any delay.


Relationships are a sum total of the shared experiences that you have. The above questions indicate how many such shared moments you have together. If you are trying to develop your relationship, then it is these shared moments that become important to you—it is these things that you shouldn’t abandon.