Business Masterclasses

We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Generally one or two day events, they represent the ultimate learning vehicle and are often referred to by business leaders as the one event that was responsible for taking their business or organisation to a new level.

They are exclusive, highly interactive and thought provoking whilst at the same time, amusing, stimulating, entertaining and highly relevant to each attendee and their needs.

Rajeev Gupta and his colleagues use their skills to deliver high quality content that is current and relevant to the need of audience. They regularly run Masterclasses for clients in UK, Europe, North America, India, Middle East and many other Far East counties. They also run  in-company events for top management teams of multi-national corporations major national organisations or charities as well as small and medium enterprises where it is not unusual for the whole company to attend.

Rajeev also runs tailor made small group event for the top executives focused on a topic or issue. 


What are our clients are saying about us?

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The masterclass was brilliant. It's about Mastering the Art of Language and the Psychology of Effective Communication! The business just grows once you learn these skills.

FANTASTIC! - The day was exactly what I needed! Fully comprehensive, and I think it was pitched for both the new learners and "old hands." I now feel confident, energised, fully armed in a positive way to take the business to a new level. ) I feel confident while it was previously a challenge!


BRILLIANT! The training has assisted my confidence in the way I work. Great trainers, extremely engaging and informative. The trainers answered the questions in specific way to help  attendees think  and grow business in short term and long term. Its something I never saw in other courses or masterclasses.  So glad I came! 

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