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Dr Rajeev Gupta is Medically Qualified Consultant in National Health Service but has other interests due to his wide interests outside medicine. He is a qualified Coach for Executive and Corporate Coaching, Business Consultant for a variety of small , medium and large businesses, Emotional Intelligence and written a book “Business use of Emotional Intelligence” catalyst for innovation and conversion of idea into action .

In this day and age, traditional talks are extinct. You need a person who can use new techniques and combine with traditional techniques to get effective engagement and delivery of the topic that you are interested.

Dr Gupta is a passionate speaker, he chooses the topic carefull and put his heart and soul to engage the audience and deliver the matter to their heart than just head. His emotional intelligence expertise helps here, many of techniques are described in his book “Business use of Emotional Intelligence”

Dr Gupta has written a lot on effective communication using right coding and transmission of the message so that the receiver of the communication interpret it correctly, he uses it is daily life and teaches people who to do it. It is an additional skill that makes him valuable and unique.

He is simple, easy to approach and personable . This makes your audience like him and there is after conference positive memory.

Essentially, high quality speaker for your meeting or conference allow you to make the kind of impression that you want to make and they give you a huge edge over the others who are difficult to get and communicate, your conference success is almost ensured when Dr Gupta does effective delivery with passion on niche topic.

Why Choose Rajeev Gupta?

If you’re looking for truly professional presenter, speaker, coach or consultant, then Dr Rajeev Gupta is the choice for you.


1 BEST STUDENT AWARD and GOLD MEDAL for outstanding Medical Graduate 1981
2. Joan Dawkins Trust Millennium Bursary Grant– By British Medical Association for Medical Education, 2000
3, Gastroenterology Fellowship 2001,JuntendoUniversity and Japanese Endoscopy Foundation,Tokyo.
4. Best Teacher and firm of the year award 2006, Medical Society,University ofSheffield
5. HEART Award March 2010 for outstanding personal achievement in field of clinical leadership and clinical medicine. The award is judged for Helpfulness, Excellence, Achievement, Resourcefulness and Talent
6. Several Clinical Excellence Awards from the National Health Service
7. “Glory of India Award” in London on 25th September 2010
8. “Outstanding Personal Service Award”- British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, 4th June 2011for service beyond expectation for overseas doctors, outstanding contribution to mentoring and education.
9. HEART Award June 2012 for team on Together We Make It Better.
10. GOLD AWARD 9th July 2012, given by CEO of NHS Sir David Nicholson for enthusiastic implementation of physical activity challenge.

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