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Most developed organisations and businesses believe that coaching is one of the most effective tools available to take leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level – whether focused on the individual, groups, teams, or the entire organization. dr Gupta meets the leaders of various types at regional, national and international levels and understands the traits very well.  Many organisations recognise the need and value of providing coaching to leaders as part of a leadership development process. Research shows that people that have used a coach indicate that it is the single most valuable leadership development activity they have experienced.
The principle is Building Integrity - Achieving Results. Through customised, results-driven coaching sessions, highly motivated business leaders are educated and empowered to overcome their ineffective behaviours, becoming more inspiring leaders and creating more inner depth and meaning in their lives.

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If you're looking for an effective, systematic way to build and empower leaders throughout your organization, coaching could be the answer. Lifeforming Leadership Coaching offers a complete program of services for bringing coaching to your organization.
Executive Coaching. "Our coach brings a balance of relevant experience, coaching expertise, and a perfectly calibrated sense of when to tell us what to do and when to teach us how to decide for ... The best modality to accelerate leadership development for mid- to senior-level leaders is personalized, one-on-one coaching.