Understanding Human Behavior Helps Build Ideal Brand

Human behavior is very complex and varied. As many as there are people, there are differences in their reasoning structures. Hence, as far as the label management proceeds, this is not just important to gather data and analyze the buying structure, but understand how the customers go about making such a buying decisions. Decision establishing with respect to a specific brand is done largely based on the perception of the individual consumers. What are the conditions that aid or contribute to the building of the perception about a label in the minds of future prospects becomes the subject matter of interest from label handling point of view.

The actual act of buying is the culmination of the process of buying on the part of the consumers. It is difficult to understand the human soul with reference to the exact process of decision making which may be subjective or based on a methodical investigate of all the factors. In many cases you will find “consumers interests” taking a decision to go with a specific brand based on their moods or perception. Some go with a clear understanding of the product as per the information gathered and compared with the rest. In most cases, the decisions are attain largely based on one’s feelings and perceptions about the brand.

Understanding the psyche of the specific identified segment helps the label directors get an insight into the label image as perceived by the prospective consumers . In most cases people carry a perception about a specific label as a whole. Whether negative or positive, they carry their beliefs who are not able to be based on analytical realities and reasons. In many cases, the consumers likewise associate some emotional importance with the label as well. Johnson& Johnson baby products are perceived to be the best by all fathers across the world. This is largely a perception of the brand that is developed over a period of time. Similarly when it comes to breakfast cereals, people automatically recollect Kellogg’s again based on their perceptions which are carried in their subconscious mind.

If you go into the details of the process of assimilation of data and retention that is carried out by individuals, you will find that the human brain selects a few parameters and processes the same based on the impression system and stances that the person has imbibed for self. The selected information is also compared with the previous experience and the sentiment are maintained in the form of a perception about the label. Thus the human mind is selective about the information that is perceived and processed and does not take into account all of the facts of the case and product information that is provided. The assortment in most cases is subjective.

Understanding of the human psyche is difficult, but significant as far as the brand administration runs. Most often people do not take a self-conscious decision with respect to a particular label. It is feasible that subconsciously people associate some suffer or any hearsay information about a particular label and make up their mind. The type of personality is also relevant factors that determines the buying demeanor. “Theres” those who like to stick to their known and experienced brand and not venture out to try new labels. There are many who are adventurous and believe in trying out every new brand in the market. Then there are people who love hopping from one brand to another. Apart from these factors, several social, economic and cultural ingredients influence the the behaviours and label perception of the consumers.

The more the brand administrators understand the subconsciou of the objectives of the customers and prospects, the better they will be at constructing the label image and perception for wider acceptance.