Do You Need Product or Subscribers

If you would ask this question, “Which one is more crucial – the subscriber base or the product?” any smart marketer would response to you, “The subscriber base”.

Really, any knowing business person puts the importance of hungry requirement (and not just any requirement) ahead of the product. Put differently, there’s no product if there’s no call for it! And a subscriber base stands for the requirement people have for your business if you prefer to call it.

If you spend much time at the Joint Venture forums and membership web sites of any sort, you’ll discover that product and service owners need mailing list owners to a higher degree than the other way around. This is because the subscriber base owners have the prospects that the other sort of partner is seeking to sell to.

And if you’re a mailing list owner, you don’t have to necessarily make revenue from marketing your own product. You are able to sell ad space or craft a Joint Venture with product owners in return for commissions, whether they be recurring or not.

Most of the largest success net businesses on the web today frequently establish the mailing list (or subscriber base) 1st prior to the product. One good example is, in a nutshell, is an internet site that connects acquaintances and potential acquaintances from around the world through a free of charge membership platform.

As doesn’t make revenue from the number of members who join the web site, the business makes revenue from selling ad space and partnering with additional big time merchants and businesses, due to the accomplished number of members has enrolled.

This business is a fine example that establishes why every business should build a need or requirement before the product itself, and why you ought to do the same, whether you sell your own product or not.