Branding And Ads


Branding is no more merely about visual charm. Regrettably, a lot of graphic design firms who place themselves as ad agencies think that branding your corporate individuality is all about producing great looking visual results. All the same, there’s much more to branding than simply looking great. Especially in this web 2.0 era, where a mighty web presence has become a critical ingredient of your branding technique, acquiring the right media mix holds the key to constructing a mighty brand equity.


Put differently, a proper media mix would mean:


  • Originative design results (the design, color, and material of your ads, marketing collateral and site to heighten your brand equity, pull in buyers, and return sales)


  • Net development (each product/service worth its name has a net presence these days, a few have really interactive, animated web sites furthering buyer involvement),


  • Viral promoting (vitally crucial in today’s age of social networking, tagging, podcasting, web logs, bulletin boards, wikis and what have you)


  • TV commercial production, print media ads (traditional media can’t be left out)


  • Strategical movies (essential factors of road shows, exhibitions and additional promotional pushes)


  • Corporate video recording production (a really crucial tool for branding your corporate individuality)


  • Direct promoting (marketing collaterals need to be even as effective and resonating with the overall branding strategy and communicate directly with the buyer)


  • Outside advertising (billboards, road shows, engagements in business fairs, expos, and so forth)


There are a few interactive ad agencies that have realized the need of the minute – formulating creative design answers that apply user-centric investigation and require critical and systematic thinking. User-centric means realizing of needs and precedences of end user; the clients’ buyers, their channel partners, users, and brand communities.


So if you wish to register your brand as one that’s synonymous with buyer loyalty, you must formulate a complete package, keeping the buyer as the prime objective and organizing product tales around the way they prefer to learn, equate, quality and confirm buys, linking brands and their experiences.