Assorted Holds and Positions in Submission Wrestling


Submission is a non-contact sport and among the ways to win a battle is to hold an individual till he decides to tap the mat or says so. To give you an idea, here are a few popular submission strategies.


The 1st is the shoulder lock. Here, you’re holding your adversaries shoulder up while at the same time elevating his head off the ground. Many wrestlers have stated that this move is more efficient than the wrist lock as the pain is centered only on the tendons of the elbow joint.


Following is the Standing Heel Toe Hold. While the adversary is on the ground, you hold one foot utilizing one of your feet while the other foot is on the mat for more adept leverage. You then take hold of the other leg which he will likely try to kick you with putting one hand going for the toes and the other hand under the opponent’s Achilles tendon. If this is executed right, you’re able to put considerable torsion on your opponent’s ankle.


You likewise have the double wrist lock. This hold may be performed while you’re lying on top of him or while you’re standing. When you’re able to snatch one of your opponent’s wrists utilizing your opposite arm, you utilize the other one to reach over and lock it.


There’s likewise the sleeper hold. If you’re able to get behind your adversary, you put one arm round his neck with the other hand behind the top of his head. What you’re doing here is setting pressure on his carotid artery instead of the throat so technically, this isn’t a choke.


To be able to perform these moves, you are able to learn by watching a video and then rehearsing with a sparring mate. If you’ve never done this before, you better have somebody who’s knowledgeable about it close by to monitor what is occurring so no one gets severely hurt.


If you can’t find anybody, go to a gym that instructs submission wrestling so if you’re assaulted, you are able to fight off the aggressor or subdue him till help comes.