How and Why to Use Positive Affirmations as a Stress Management Tool


The best tool one can use to reprogram one’s unconscious mind and change it from being negative to positive thinking is positive affirmations. The basic concept to positive affirmations is using positive statements and repeating the same for enough time to let them get into your system. You then see the world from that angle; this works as strongly as negative self-talk works. If you want to make up a set of personal positive affirmations, make sure you use the guidelines that follow:


Look At Your Intentions: Firstly, be clear on what is that you want to create in life. You must know the end product in order to realize the traits, attitudes and behaviors that would help you to reach the final destination. Do you want to be a supportive friend? Do you need more peace in life? Do you want to have a healthier lifestyle? It is a good idea to begin writing a journal in order to brainstorm and figure what is important for you and get to the core of what is needed to create that in life.


Create Statements: Once you know what you are aiming for put it into simple words that help to reflect the reality of the goal you have set out to achieve. Frame these sentences like they were already true, not like they are going to happen. For instance “I am” instead of “I want”. This helps you to tune your brain to believe the statement and it will help them to manifest into reality.


Be Sure They’re Positive: When you are making positive affirmations make sure they are positive. In other words you must say things you want to experience and see and not the things you DON’T want to. For instance, instead of words such as “I don’t” one must use “I will”.


If you like the idea for affirmations that are designed to reduce the stress in your life use ones that suggest peaceful thoughts, fostering a strong sense of efficiency, feeling safe.  You can use the game of ‘Affirmation Hangman’ or use your own techniques in order to deal with stress.


Once you to deal with negative thoughts in life you can achieve the goal you set out to achieve.