Positive Psychology – Finding the Right Path


Giving a boost to and improving your emotional intelligence is similar to trying to improve one’s physical condition with the help of practice and exercise. There are exercises that help to train you and help you manage your emotions better and have more control over them. Practice is a must, it is very rare that you can expect to achieve success or be good at it immediately.


It is practically impossible that you walk on to a tennis court for the first time and you win a game especially if you have never played the sport. One can never achieve great results in cognitive restructuring, mindfulness and meditation if one has not practiced them before. Controlling one’s emotions is not an easy task to achieve. However the exercises could be practiced anywhere; it is possible even when you are sitting in a chair at your dentist’s clinic or during waiting in a line at the grocery store.


The first step to getting a grip on one’s emotions is to start developing a complete positive psychology towards life. For a lot of years, researchers ended up spending resources and energy to find solutions to problems and solving abnormal aspects in people. Today, the difference is that it has switched to developing and finding individual strengths. This is a major shift in the psychology field and it usually helps in understanding, focusing and awareness of human strengths.  Hence, it helps everyone to consider one’s own life and helps in gaining new perspective to his or her own identity. It is always a good idea to concentrate on your positives and not worry about your weaknesses, as those are areas where you are vulnerable. When you allot more time to your positives and try and completely exploit those areas it is easier to apply them in your job and also in your personal life.


It is of utmost importance that you focus on the things you are really good at and you channel your energies and all efforts in that area. This forms the basis of the basic principle in positive psychology. Once you positively believe that you have a hidden form of talent to manifest and cultivate is when your talent, skill and passion begins to increase. There is nothing more rewarding than doing something you are good at. Once you begin to walk on a path that you believe is the correct one, a powerful positive emotion is activated.