Ways to Improve Your Verbal Communication Skills


Communicating with your colleagues and customers in a business environment is altogether different than conversing with members of your family or friends. However, many of the skills used at home or with friends to talk are useful in many other environments for conversation. You can use the following tips to improve your verbal communication abilities to talk with your family at home.

1. Engage yourself in a dialogue and not in a monologue:

When you are conversing with the members of your family you have to converse with them and not just talk to them. Conversation is two way traffic. Do make your family member feel that they do not like talking with you because they only get to listen to you.

  1. Listen to all with respect:

You should always talk with respect and listen patiently showing your respect to the members in the family. You should always be considerate, listen to them and never pass judgment on them. Always give them the benefit of any doubt. First, let them finish what they want to convey, only then reply or say anything.

  1. Don’t accuse anyone:


Always control your temper and behavior when you are talking with members of your family. Never try to accuse someone even if something upsets you as otherwise the communication will end abruptly and things will not be conveyed. Be in a relaxed mood and listen attentively to others. Just think before you respond to anything in case you are upset. Do not overreact and try to be composed.


  1. Never threaten:


You should not intimidate your family members with words or physically. The communication will stop without any benefit. Try to convey your concerns for anything in the calmest manner. Try to avoid anger.

  1. Be humorous:

Humor is a great way to diffuse any tense situation. It makes the conversation light-hearted and makes it enjoyable. Always sustain humor and wit, but never make jokes about any family member that may hurt him or her. It may be an obstacle for any future communication as well. If you try to be funny, better include everyone.

If you use these tips properly, you can enhance your verbal communication skills for better understanding and relationship with members of your family. These skills will even help you in place of your work in communicating verbally with your colleagues and clients as well.