Generating Turbo Traffic – The Outside Story


There are two faces to every coin. While it is important to concentrate on creating the right content in your website while concentrating on various important factors, it is also important to resort to various strategies beyond the website to improve traffic to your website and to keep the hits high.


Let us now focus on some of the factors you need to focus on outside the website to help improve the traffic that visits your site.


Article and Blogs


Writing articles for submission to article directories or creating a blog is a wonderful tool to help promote your website. One way to do it is to build curiosity by giving away part of the information on the article directory or blog and asking the reader to click on a “Read further for full information” link that leads them directly to your site.


You can also place your URL link in the resource box that is provided to you at the end of your article that will bring the readers to your article to your website to check on further information that they are seeking.


Classified Ads


Placing ads in classifieds is also a great way of improving exposure to your site. There are many people who check on free classified sites to look for products or services that they want. If you are placing these ads giving details of your product or service on these sites, you might tempt them to try out your product by clicking on the link that leads down to your site.


Placing Banner Ads


There are many sites where you can place banner ads for free. This will help in improving your exposure on the internet and may tempt many an interested person in trying to click on your link and reaching your site.


Link Exchange


Use an automated link exchange program to help improve the exposure of your site. This will help in improving traffic to your site. But, be selective and choose an exchange with sites that have a higher PR link rather than linking up with lots of useless sites.


Join Relevant Forums


You can look and search for forums that has lot of traffic in it and relevant to your product or service and post meaningful information on them to help generate interest among people to visit your site and thus improve on traffic.


Viral Marketing


There are many who resort to viral marketing to promote their site and improve traffic incoming to the site. This involves providing freebies to people like screensavers, cartoons, videos, downloads, etc that has embedded information regarding your site. By using the link, you can improve the chances of people visiting your site and thus get more traffic.


Remember, it is not enough if you have a killer site to get more traffic incoming to your site. You need to work on many extrinsic factors to help improve and generate higher traffic flow to your site.