Internet Marketing – The Importance of SEO and Keywords


As a newbie to the internet, you will realize that a website is a key necessity for promoting any product or service through the web. When building the website, you need to concentrate on getting a unique and easily to remember domain name and have useful general information on your site to attract more traffic to your site.


Although you might have put in very informative content on your site revolving around your product or service, chances of generating traffic to your site is minimal unless you are concentrating on aspects like “Keywords” and “Search Engine Optimization – SEO”.


Now, let us understand what these two terms mean and how they can help you with your internet marketing to promote your product or service?


Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is a strategy that is used to help generate more traffic to your site. People often use search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc to search the internet for information. With the use of SEO, you can plan on improving the visibility of your site to people who are searching for information related to the product or service you are promoting.


One of the tools to SEO is the use of Keywords. When any person is searching for information on the internet, they are keying in some words and hitting the search button. These words that they are keying in are called keywords and are very important for your marketing strategies.


When providing information on your site, you should therefore concentrate on including the right keywords in your site. To assess the keywords that you need to select for SEO purposes, you can make use of many keyword tools that are available to you, some for free and some that you need to pay for.


But, at the same time, your site should not be overloaded with keywords as many search engines will not permit the usage of too many keywords in the site. So, you should also know the number of times these keywords can be used while providing information. This is referred to as keyword density.


With the keyword tools, you can research many related keywords and see how many people have used these keywords to search the information on the internet. You can also use it to check the keyword density of a particular page or the entire site.


By having a good understanding about SEO and keywords, you can help improve your visibility on the internet to help generate more traffic to your website. If you still find it difficult on finding the right keywords or SEO strategies to bring in more people to your site, you can find many professionals who can help you in your endeavor to optimize your site for the right keywords while providing right information regarding your product or service.