Learn to Make Friends


Everyone aspires to have friends. Man is a social animal and he cannot be a loner all his life. So, he craves the company of people with whom he can socialize and move around. But, there are many people out there who would love to have friends but are too shy or do not know how to make friends.


So, let us learn on whether it is possible to learn how to make friends or not. Luckily, making friends is a skill that can be learnt even by those who are very shy. Let us now see how you can learn and master the skill of making friends and keeping them with you for life.


Get to Know People


Unless you get to know people, you will not be aware of whom you would like to be friendly with. So, in order to get to know people you should try and talk to people whenever you get to meet someone. Some shy people might find this difficult. Such people can try attempting a conversation with a total stranger like a local shopkeeper or your mechanic or some such person. You can start out with a smile and then trying to get to do some small talk.


Have a Positive Mindset


Think and be positive all the while. A positive mindset will help you keep your mind and thinking positive. This positive nature will be a great attraction to meet new people and make friends.


Learn to Communicate


Conversation is very important in developing friendship. Communicate with whomever you meet. Learn the art of making small talk. Understand the interests of the person you meet. It is not essential to become friendly with anybody and everybody. Only if your interests are common, you can proceed to become friendlier with that person.


Be Prepared to Listen


While you should learn to speak and communicate, you should also allow the other person to speak. You should learn to listen and ask the right questions so that you can keep the conversation going.


Socialize and Move to the Next Step


Socialize with people whom you feel will make good friends. If you like the person and you feel that it is time to take the relationship to the next level, you can get more personal and exchange contact information with the person. You can even plan something together like a day out, going out for dinner or lunch, catching up on a movie, etc.


Friends are an important part of life. If you do not have friends and do not socialize regularly, you will not understand what you are missing out on until you learn for yourself how wonderful and different it will be when you get out and make some great friends.