The Internet – Growth and Impact


The Internet and its impact on the lives of people all over the world are increasing by the day. Many people are out there hooked to their machines from the time they start out in the day till they retire in the night. That is the amount of dependence the internet is having on many an individual. Many people have discovered various opportunities to earn their livelihood through the internet.


All these effects of the internet have come into existence in the short period this technological revolution has been in. If the internet has caused so many changes in this short period of time, what will happen a few years down the lane?


In order to access what further changes you might possibly see due to the internet, you need to realize and understand what the technology leaders are planning in relation to the internet to understand how much of a further impact you might see.


While the World Wide Web was created, it was meant to be a rich source of information. as the internet grew from its infancy, apart from being the myriad of information that the internet now is, it also became a powerful communication tool to help people reach out to others globally and to connect with other people from various parts of the world. This change was seen when the email was born and then grew up to other areas like social networking, chatting, etc.


The internet also opened up a host of opportunities to people all across the globe to earn incomes and introduced the possibility of many work from home opportunities where in many people left their day jobs and switched over to working from the confines of their own homes to earn their livelihood.


Technology leaders now believe that the internet will give us search engines that are able to correctly identify what the user wants and provide the exact information that is being sought. They also believe that it will aid the user in providing other relevant information without them having to actually surf through the net to look for it.


They also believe that technology will improve to such an extent that people will have access to this huge amount of technology at their fingertips wherever they are and whenever they want and this can be customized and utilized as and when they please.


We have already witnessed a revolution called the Internet for which the sky is not the limit. Even though there are many speculations about what the internet will achieve as it advances further down the lane, only time will tell how much the internet will grow and what further impact it will have on us, the users of this huge technology tool.