Tips to Effective Team Building


Team building is a continuous process and is not something that goes passive over time. If the team has to work successfully together as a group, the team building should begin from infancy when it is being formed and worked at continuously for the team to work and complete projects assigned to it.


Let us now see what forms a great team and what takes the team to the next level.




The team members in the team should be aware of what is happening in relation to anything concerning the team. If anything of importance is happening, everyone in the team should be made aware of the occurrence and how it is going to affect the team.


Good Communication


The members of the team and the team leaders should have good communication and be open at all times. Such open communication is essential to build rapport among team members and for the development of trust.


Setting Realistic Expectations and Goals


All the team members should be made aware of their responsibilities towards the project. They should be allocated realistic goals and be made to accomplish them with ease. Any help that is needed towards completion of their duties should be provided when called for.


Providing Adequate Support


The team leader should work in tandem with the team members with good time management and involvement. Such involvements will not only help get the job done effectively, the team leader will also know the progress of the project firsthand and this will also help build good rapport and trust. But, at the same time, the team leader should not butt in into the role being played by the other team members as this will lead to friction and resentment. As much independence in taking decisions should be provided with adequate support from the periphery.


Good Action Plan


The project will be a task that is completed by the culmination of the efforts of all the members of the team. This is like fitting all the pieces of a puzzle to make a big picture. In order to do this, the pieces should be properly fitted in the right place. If one goes wrong the picture will not turn out right. For this reason, there should be a good action plan in place for the team to work in tandem and complete the project flawlessly.


Everyone’s Opinions Count


The team leader should not be bossy over the other members of the team. Everyone should be an equal participant in the project and have their say in the formulation of plans. But, it should be the leader’s final say in deciding the course of action after carefully hashing it out with all the team members.


Team building should be a carefully calculated process. If efforts are taken to set up the right team and the team is worked at an individual level and collective level, it can perform well as a group and the joint efforts can be utilized to perform the required tasks without much problems.