Visions – The Importance of Having Them


Visions are a powerful driving force that helps the person seeing them give shape to their dreams and take it to the pinnacle of success. A person without a vision has no purpose in life and the zeal to excel.


But, why is it important for one and all to have a vision?


Many great personalities attained their positions in life just because they had the capacity to develop powerful visions and they could work towards it. Not only did the vision of such people help inspire their lives, they also inspired the lives of millions of people and generated the force to provide fruits to the aspirations and dreams that was created by one powerful vision.


Although not everyone can become a Gandhi or Mother Theresa or John F. Kennedy, unless you have the ability to develop a vision, you will not see the purpose of your life or the way to get ahead. Dreams can become a reality only if you give color to them through a vision and then plan and act to make them come true.


Having a vision is what will drive you forward and provide you with a limitless and relentless source of energy to perform and try to move slowly but steadily towards realizing your dreams.


A vision is what disciplines you to remain focused and stay on track at all times and work towards reaching your goals. But, to do this you should have a positive thinking mind with a capacity to think forward and plan for the future so that you can add color to your dreams and make it become actuality.


Visions should not be a vague description of what you want to achieve. This is the reason why we are saying that it should add color to your dreams. It should be a vivid picture and detailed plan of what it is that you want to reach and what you will get as you go through this journey towards realizing your goals.


Your vision should not be something that is within arm’s reach but should have the capacity to test and stretch your limits beyond infinity. This is what you need to aspire for so that you will be able to reach a point where you thought was not possible to reach. Unless you have a vision to do this, you will not grow up to be the person you really wish to be.


Visions are very powerful. It is your mind working at a high voltage. Unless you have the vision to look ahead, your life will not move forward and reach the zenith that it is destined to go.