The One Way to Overcome Your Fear


If it acts as any sort of consolation to you, everyone has some or the other fear in their lives. In most people, this fear culminates into a phobia, an extreme paranoia about something. And, in most cases, such fears and phobias are unjustified. Whatever it is that you are afraid of, it is highly likely that that particular thing does not deserve the fear.


Fear is a highly subjective thing. You may be fearful of something to a very extreme degree, but there will always be several other people who do not have any fear of that thing. Maybe you are frightened of swimming. But, just look around you… there are people who are setting records in swimming. Maybe you are frightened of making a commitment to someone; but there are so many people who are doing it all the time and leading highly successful lives.


Keep this thing in mind; it will help you a lot. You can seek inspiration from the many people around you and you will get some motivation, or at least some courage that such a thing is possible.


So, what is the way to overcome your fear? The best way for that is to take action. Most people who stay frightened do so because they refuse to accept their fear and work their way around it. They refuse to accept that they can take action if they want.


If you are afraid of swimming, you should not run away from it, but make an effort to understand it. Watch as many swimming competitions on ESPN as you can. Check out how those people move gracefully. What’s stopping you? Analyze your fear. Read books on swimming. See that the techniques are not all that difficult. If other people can do that, why can’t you?


But the most important thing is to go out there and take action. Get to the swimming pool. Take yourself there; muster the courage. Take a friend along. The very fact that you went up to the swimming pool means that you have a motivation to swim. Then, with the help of trustworthy people, let yourself go.


You will find that it is only this initial stage at which fear is at its paramount. When you actually step into the pool and make those initial strokes, you will find that the fear dissipates slowly. Concentrate on what you have to do, and do not think about the hindrances. When your focus is in the right place, things begin to happen in wonderful ways.


So, get up and take action. Take stock of the situation. Do not worry about letting yourself go. This is the way in which your fear can take a backseat and you can move along in a more sure-footed manner.