The Right Way to Approach Any Task


Most of us have got a completely wrong idea when it comes to accomplishing the tasks set in front of us. We generally think about completing a job as soon as we can, and then getting paid for it, and probably getting good feedback at the end of it. We think about job fulfillment and we think about the number of jobs we can complete, but we are missing the whole point!


The right way to approach a job is not to equate it with money. The really successful people out there do not think about their profits or about the money that a particular job will bring in for them.


Instead of thinking what a job can give them, they think about what they can give to the job. They try to give everything their best shot. They try to work in such a manner that they can benefit other people—their employers, their clients, their users, the society at large. They think about how these people will find their work to be a complete value of their investment.


When you do that, you will find that your reputation increases dramatically. There are many of us who just think about completing work, but there are very few people who think about giving every job the most that they can. They cherish each assignment that they take up and it shows in the quality of their deliverables.


This is the way a job has to be approached. When the customer is satisfied, then the job prospects will just keep on increasing. You will not have to worry about where the next job will come from. You don’t have to think about the money coming in if you focus on the quality. Your reward will come, and even a bonus, because you gave something more than the job asked you to.


But the best bonus that you get is the goodwill. It is this reputation that really keeps your name circulating and acts as no form of advertisement ever will.


The next time you get a job, do not think about the money that it will bring in. It is important to be compensated adequately, but beyond that do not think about the monetary value of your job. Give it your best and you will certainly see the rewards.


This can happen if you work according to your passion. If you love what you are doing, you will not feel the exertion. You will not think about money much either. You will only think about what you can provide, and that is what will keep you going at it.