Things to Remember When You Are Setting Short Term Goals


Whenever you set any goal—big or small—the one thing you want to make sure of is that your goal will be attained. Evidently, the success of your task does not lie in the setting of the goal; it lies in the accomplishment of it.


Now, the accomplishment of a goal will depend on several factors, but there are some things you can take care of. Planning your goals with these things in mind can greatly enhance the chances of their being brought to fruition. The following is a list of the things that you should consider.


The Practicality of the Goal


Firstly, you have to consider if the goal you are setting is practical or not. Is it realizable at all? Are you setting something for your team and yourself that you know is full of constraints and will lead into a needless exertion of your people and resources? When you are setting a goal, you have to ensure that it meets your purposes. You have to see that it is accomplishable. It is all right if it is a difficult goal to achieve—that should not deter you—but you should make sure that it is a practical goal to accomplish.


The Timeframe


Are you giving it too short a time? Make a clear analysis of when you want your goals to be accomplished vis-à-vis the time you have with you. See that you are not putting a lot of pressure on your people or your resources. You have to give it a good deal of laxity so that optimal results are obtained.


The Resources


Do you have what it takes to fulfill your goal? You have to take a look at the resources you have. If you will have to gather resources, then see if you are giving that adequate time too.


The Purpose


Ultimately, you have to see what purpose your goal accomplishment will serve. Why are you chasing it anyway? How well does it fit with your core values, and how will it take you and your organization further? What prospects does it entail? These things give a very clear idea of how much effort you should put into a particular goal and what you can do to achieve it.


Think of these things when you are setting goals. Do not make it in an unplanned manner. Consider your goals well and you will see that they can actually get accomplished in a much better way.