What Motivates the Teenager?


Are you a teenager at the threshold of adulthood, wondering how you can make the most of your life? This is a phase that most teenagers have to go through. The life of pleasure and security abruptly comes to an end when you are nearing your 20s and then you have to sit up and take notice. In a short time, you have to prepare a plan for how you will be spending the rest of your life. And that includes planning your further education, which is one of the most important things that teenagers have to plan.


But, the biggest motivation for any teenager comes from what they really want to do in life. This should inspire you. When you are confounded about what direction you should lead your life in, just slow down and think for a few moments. What is your passion in life? What is the one thing that really drives you, propels you to achieve things in life? Making a proper reconnaissance of this will help you plan your future life.


Maybe it is your passion in life to save people’s lives. Medical science fascinates you more than anything else. If that is your driving force in life, then you should plan a profession around it. You should not let anything come in your way and force you to do things that you don’t want to do. Do not think about the scope of a particular profession. If you feel highly motivated to do it, then go ahead with it by all means. Do not think about the income you may stand to get; if the activity is something you would really like to do, nothing should swerve you from your path.


Remember that if you do what you really like to do, then you will enjoy your life itself. You have to think about whether your childhood dreams will get fulfilled or not. Whatever you do should be in the direction of that fulfillment—your education, your search for a job, your overall plan of life itself.


You are young right now. You may feel you have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, but you should know that that is not the truth. You still have to learn a lot. This is the time to grow, personally and professionally. But, the one thing that can motivate you at this time is that you should be able to fulfill your ultimate passion in life.