Diet Pills


According to manufacturers, diet pills utilize natural ingredients capable of prolonging life and contain alcohol utilized in medication or flavoring.  One thing’s for certain, never take diet pills as substitute for cutting calories without the doctor’s recommendation.  There are easy but crucial steps to be followed when taking diet pills:


Never crush diet pills to mix in drinks or soups.  Take it whole with an entire glass of water.


Diet pills cause an individual to urinate more frequently due to its diuretic effect.  This may lead to dehydration, thus, causing complications.  As a pre-caution, it’s best to drink 8 glasses of water daily while on diet pills.

Take only the recommended dosage.  Taking more than required won’t help you slim down but increase the risk of side effects.


Heartbeat ought to be less than eighty-six beats per minute.  Quit taking the pills if it reaches ninety or higher that’s why regular checking of pulse is a must.

Forever follow the instructions set by the dietician and/or doctor and not only rely on what’s enclosed in the box.  Likewise diet pills will only work as expected if diet plan is being followed.


After 3 months, stop taking the diet pills.  Common diet phenylpropanolamine is safe to use only up to 16 weeks.  Additional studies show that it can cause health problems if taken under one month.


Apart from a dietician, local pharmacists may likewise help in determining the pills that are safe and not for each individual’s case.  Just be extra careful about the supposed “natural” or “organic” ingredients.  Not everything that comes from a natural source is safe.  One illustration is Ma Huang, which is a botanical source of ephedrine recognized as a stimulant and being studied for potential fallouts.


Those who have or have a family history of prostate issues, thyroid disease, and mental illness, hypertension, and heart issues ought to avoid taking diet supplements.  The same applies to those who’ve had seizures or strokes.  If somebody is taking cold medicines, particularly those with decongestants, diet pills shouldn’t be taken.