Vegetarians and Weight


Consider it; have you ever seen a fat vegetarian? Likely not. As a matter of fact, for most of us, vegetarian is nearly synonymous with lean and healthy, isn’t it? And when you begin any diet, what’s the first thing the authorities tell you? Generally it’s to step-up the amounts of veggies you’re eating and to eat limited amounts of meat, peculiarly high-fat red meat and pork.


And what occurs when you resume your old eating habits? Normally the weight will come right back on. Even the highest will-power can’t overcome the unhealthy effects of consuming high-fat meat.


When you consume a diet that’s higher in dietary fiber, that’s principally if not totally vegetarian, you’re naturally healthier. You’re feeding your body and getting it the sustenance it needs to run efficiently. You’ve more energy and stamina; you awaken more easily and more refreshed. It’s easier to work out, because you’re not so overburdened by digesting the high fat and excessive protein that comes from consuming a carnivorous diet.


A lot of diets fail because we consider them as depriving ourselves of food we love. The trick is to alter that thinking. There are so many compelling reasons to get rid of meat from our diet, so why not forget about slimming down? Focus rather on eating healthier, or eating in a way that’s in balance with the planet, and that doesn’t need to subsist on the suffering of animals. You’ll likely find you’ll begin to slim down without even thinking about it!


And when you do slim down, so many additional health risks may fall by the wayside as well. You’ll find your blood pressure falls into a healthier range and your risk for adult-onset diabetes can decrease. You’ll look better and feel better and likely never go back to your old ways of eating!