It’s a sad aspect of live but not everybody may be successful. In the world we live in there are winners and losers. Most individuals wish to be in the group of winners but regrettably many remain where they stand. As you well know, being successful means to stand above the other people around you or to know more that the one sitting next to you does.


You ought to understand how to have more success than your colleague and to work for success. Success doesn’t come free or cheap, you have to pay for it. The price isn’t monetary but it’s expressed in manners of time and effort, these being precious details that you can’t receive back once you gave them away. Success is difficult. Generally speaking to be successful you have to work hard, be educated and have a little bit of luck. Often you have to attempt many times till you truly reach success.


Not being successful is easy: you make all the wrong choices, you work without ethics, the lack of responsibility and of education is almost everything. Although it is not obvious the lack of success is likewise a choice, but a choice that may be gained on the first attempt.


Here is some practical advice on how to be successful:

  • Develop a purpose in life, produce a plan and go on living by it.
  • Change your behavior and learn courtesy.
  • Always read, forever learn and forever communicate.
  • Think and act fast when faced with a chance. If you see what you truly want don’t let any chances pass you by. This one may just be the last you’ll get.
  • Give up foul habits and keep the good ones: eat well and regularly, get adequate sleep, go to a gymnasium or just go jogging.
  • Give up watching so much TV, or playing games.
  • Attempt to work more in the shortest possible time period.
  • Keep your sense of humor but do not become rude.
  • Treasure everything you have and get.
  • Discover more, be responsible, study about control and forever stay informed.