Banner advertising is another tool that is often used to get the recognition of the product or service to the attention of the viewing public. Having its own merits, the banner ads tool has proven to be effective in its own way.


There are a few options available as to how to capitalize on the use of banner ads. The banner ads can be used as pay per click or flat rate payments styles.

This would mean the banner ad gets the viewing public’s attention when they click on the sites that have the ads featured or when directly click on the banner.

The banner ads can be posted on other sites for a nominal fee, and having a competitively appealing ad can help to create the necessary interest in what is being featured.

Also being able to narrow down the target audience and the focus on this chosen audience helps to get the ads to the intended prospects without too much hassle.

Using the link exchange, back links and submission of websites will effectively work towards garnering the necessary traffic interests which should eventually convert into actual revenue earning power.

Some things to consider when designing an impactful banner ad would be as follows:

 Of course making the ad as attention grabbing as possible within the first few second is crucial to ensuring the viewer takes the trouble to continue giving it their undivided attention till the end of the ad

 Making use of fairly large logos or theme designs will also contribute to brand awareness which in turn will cause the viewer to immediately and favorably connect to the idea of its possible content.

 The use of “attractive” looking people to be feature in the ads is always welcomed and most people like to look and admire such individuals. It also subconsciously works towards some unspoken connection that could work in the favor of making the ad relatable.