The pay per click is often perceived as an expensive option but if properly used it can generate the income desired in a short period of time and with comparatively little effort.

Pay per click can provide immediate results and this is often a desirable advantage when the host is trying to gauge its success rate.

Featuring the pay per click advertising on search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN will generate the clicks in a much quicker fashion. This is only as effective as the amount of money being allotted for the placement, design and location where the site is to be posted.

The pay per click style of marketing on the internet allows the individual to have complete control as to how much money is to be spent on the entire posting from the designing to the eventual budget for advertising.

The choice made for location and search engine preferred can also be done by the individual and does not depend on outside factors to influence these points.

Being able to identify and focus on a particular geographical target audience is also another interesting point the pay per click tool caters

to. Based on the marketability of the product being featured the host can place the advertisement with specifications that allows it to respond to web browsers form a particular location or demographics.

This is especially beneficial if the said product or service is only useable or functional to fit that particular target audience.