When you implement a strategy you need to give it time to produce outcomes. If the results do not come quickly enough, don’t start to tinker with the strategy.

 There is often a lot of excitement at the beginning of a process followed by a decline in interest and a return to everyday business. To keep things going in momentum, try not to trench or change the strategy. Instead your focus should be on preventing a loss of momentum.

 Avoid changing the plan too much or too frequently as this can easily lead to losing credibility with employees or other team players. Changes should be gradual or even iterative rather than dramatic. Having used to say, this does not apply to when there are clear cut signs of warning and you need to move quickly to tweak your plan accordingly.

 In practice, successful executing is that which adapts to situations that emerge. Successful execution evolves and an organization’s sustainability depends on its willingness and ability to adapt.