Yoga, in Sanskrit, means to join or to focus. When one practices yoga regularly, one’s physical gains are strength, immunity, and flexibility. Yoga offers a complete package of both mind and body fitness. This package includes muscular activity (that provides flexibility), and an inward self, energy, and breath awareness (that helps build immunity).

Yoga’s healing system is based on four basic principles.

  1. This practice believes that the human body is a holistic entity and comprises interrelated dimensions that cannot be separated from each other. It also believes that the health or illness of one dimension directly affects the other aspects too.
  1. The second belief or principle is that all individuals are unique, and their needs are unique too. This must be acknowledged, and the practice must be tailored to suit one’s needs.
  2. The third principle states that yoga is self-empowering, and the students are their own healers. Yoga engages the student in the healing process of the body and plays an active role in their journey to health. The healing through yoga comes from within, and therefore, a sense of autonomy is established.
  3. The fourth principle is that the state of mind of the individual is crucial to the healing process. If a person practices with a positive mindset, the healing is quicker as compared to when the person practices with a negative mindset.