A way to promoting your yoga brand is to take it out of the four walls of your studio and integrate it with the popular activities of people in your locality.

  • Adopt an Entrepreneurial Mindset

If you’re hoping to make a sustainable long-term career teaching yoga, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset will set you up for success. After all, yoga teachers and entrepreneurs are all the same. (Say what?)

Most yoga professionals don’t realize this at the time of becoming certified. It’s easy to push aside the heavy lifting of owning your own business while spinning your wheels indefinitely while you “try to make it.” In turn, this leads to frustration, lack of motivation and burnout. No Bueno.

Owning and operating your own business takes sincere effort, hard-work and time. It’s not for the faint of heart – as riding the ups and downs can be difficult on your own. As an entrepreneur, you will “wear many hats” – meaning you’ll be in charge of marketing, accounting, social media, sales… while teaching yoga.

If this sounds daunting right now, that’s OK!

  • Find Your Partner

Another beneficial yoga studio marketing idea is partnering up with local businesses that your clients may be interested in, such as sports shops, organic food stores, and health centers.

Such partnerships can be greatly beneficial for all parties involved. For instance, if you team up with a health center with patients suffering from anxiety, depression, or certain physical ailments, those patients could be directed to your yoga studio to ease some of their symptoms.

Athletic stores that sell yoga wear are also brilliant teammates! These business owners can bring awareness to your establishment, further publicizing your studio. In turn, you can direct your clients to their store to buy the necessary athletic wear and accessories that they may need for your classes.

  • Support a Good Cause

A powerful and positive yoga studio marketing idea is supporting a good cause and giving back to your community. Raising money for a local charity or shedding light on an important issue not only deepens your connection with your clients, but it also builds integrity.

For example, since many people practice yoga to achieve relaxation and a sense of balance, yoga studios can help de-stigmatize mental health. For example, you can raise awareness of this issue by providing a free annual meditation session for your community on World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

  • Create a Rewards Program

Coming up with a rewards program can help your studio flourish. With a points program, your yogis will want to collect more points in order to redeem them later. This way, they are more likely to become repeat customers in order to increase their points bank. They will also feel like they are getting more value from your studio and this will keep them eager for more.

A rewards program will also help you understand your clients better. You will notice what people are spending more money on and where their interests lie.