Cholesterol levels are orchestrated by many factors. Some can be controlled, others can’t. However, there are some cautions and steps you can take to keep your cholesterol level on check.

Control your diet

  • Limit foods with cholesterol: Milk and cheese.
  • Saturated fat raises LDL: Dairy products, baked, deep-fried and processed foods.
  • Trans fat raises LDL and lowers HDL: Fried and processed foods.
  • A non-vegetarian diet contains high cholesterol and saturated fats as compared to a vegetarian diet.

Control your weight

Being overweight increases LDL decreases HDL and increases total cholesterol.

  • Exercise is important.
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

The genetic factor

High blood cholesterol can run in families.

Age and gender

From puberty, men often have lower HDL than women. LDL often increases as men and women age. Before age 55, women usually have lower LDL than men. However, after age 55, LDL levels are higher in women.

Smoking or high blood pressure can aggravate the risk of early heart disease is accompanied by unhealthy cholesterol levels.