Yoga is practiced by people since ancient times and it is an ultimate solution to all the problems that people are facing in their day to day life such as health and fitness, mental and inner peace, improvement in the quality of life, provide with natural beauty etc. Yoga is a vast collection of various techniques and practices that are focused on integrating mind, body and spirit in order to achieve success and collaborating with other beings. There are different types of yoga techniques that are practiced in order to achieve the set goals of individuals as per their choices and preferences.

Yoga helps in attaining combined targets and to bring a balance among mind, body, and spirit; this is done through practicing various yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), various body gestures (mudra) and internal peace and cleansing (shatkarma). These yoga steps help in purifying the body, mind and soul and pour all positive energy and fill the body with liveliness.

Yoga is becoming trendy in modern times and again gaining the people’s confidence as it is helping in shaping the lives of people through natural methods. Practicing a few yoga

poses daily on a regular basis provides incredible results in both physical and mental fitness. One can practice yoga for satisfying his/her purpose and with the least expensive and with no side effects.

  • Mindset

One must stick onto the decision of the following yoga, there must be a desire. Desire is an impulse that comes prior to any action, without which not much will occur.

  • Relaxed body and mind

Through daily yoga practice, both mind and body get relaxed. One feels calm and relaxed. Yoga helps to fill the body with positive energy, which helps an individual to perform day to day tasks with more energy and enthusiasm. All the body and mind stress is released and helps the body to feel more relaxed and calm. Yoga provides relaxation to the body and simultaneously to mind and soul also.

  • Smooth and controlled breathing

For good well-being and health, breathing exercises play a vital role. Deep and controlled breathing is beneficial as it helps in reducing the level of stress, tension and anxiety, fills the body with energy, improves athletic performances, helps to build physical and emotional awareness, helps to focus more in present and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

  • Proper and balanced diet

Practicing and performing yoga on a regular basis won’t be sufficient enough. Yogic approach lays emphasis on the type of food consumption which is somewhat similar to healthy eating. A proper diet schedule must be followed which must include all the food items that are rich in proteins, nutrients, vitamins and products that are required for a healthy diet. The quality and quantity of food intake have a direct impact on the body. A proper diet chart must be prepared keeping in mind to add all the necessary and important building strong and fit body.

  • Positive thoughts and positive energy

For a long period of time, people are using meditation for positive thoughts. Through yoga, all the negative and bad thoughts are pushed out and a new entry for positive thoughts and energy is brought in. It helps people to realize their strengths and weaknesses and directs them to see reality. Practicing yoga brings discipline in the lives of people with positive thoughts and energy they can perform well and can gain great success in life.

  • Establishes a link between mind and body

The sole purpose of yoga is to bind both the mind and body together. For example, yoga postures on both the hands calm and stimulate the brain functioning. Yoga has the ability of simultaneously calming the brain and relaxing the body. The main aim is to amalgamate and to bring union of the two. The mind-body connection is such that good mental health helps to improve the physical state. A strong mind and body bond lead to calmness, courtesy, happiness and so on.