Introduce Alan our next talker, so the topic they asked me to come and speak about tonight is quantifying your social burn. Now, in some way i bid i was one of the earlier loudspeakers this morning , not because you guys are a little bit tired and you know it’s late in the working day, I still have my power elevation because I would have challenged all speakers here not To use the term social media because I dislike the period, it’s social commerce, because that’s – what we’re doing. We’re here, because we’re marketing to parties and we’re doing social things. Media are tools, and once we get that through our front, we can talk about what the objectives set out in social marketing is, which is creating a fire, and why do I desire this analogy of ardour now? Some of you may have heard me use this analogy before and I’ve written about it, but because ardour, the heat, the radiance of a volley, extorts beings together for a common purpose, and this has been going on since the working day of the caveman. They would have hunker mutter talked about how they sharped a bone and establish us an arrowhead or a pioneer, may be organized the day.’s hunt that’s what people have been doing forever. You know Sam gave you that biography, you know a communication. Communications started with a mutter and cat mendel mansion and all she still here, I had a lovely chat with her after her conference talking but 30 years. You know in the computer space and using social technology – and I was thinking about that said yeah I was on there and then I realise. I was about nineteen eighty three when I first ill-used social technology when I logged on to the first bulletin board as a roommate University, and then I recognized well. I have 50 years of using social communication to get what I want, and this goes back to the measurement panel with Sam and Rick and all those chaps I was born. I cried that’s a social convene and i’ll usage a call media. My human cries of media, it’s a medium, and i cried, and i knew was that hug for my momma or something sure it’s , not my crying, so it’s measurable wherever sam is the hugs are measurable. You can appraise success now. It is no longer able lies in the fact that immediacy, but it’s there, but let’s get back to this concept of the social ardour. How do you set a fuel that’s really the issues to you’re here you’re expend season and his time and band is fund. San fierro is right. Ultimately, fellowships have to make money from what they’re doing now. There is no longer able be empirical indicate, you know TV commercial-grades toiling, but they know they move a TV commercial-grade marketings come near, they move a Tv commercial-grade marketings, was down bad commercial. You know there’s, some procedures in there that you can do things to measure you can stop all other commerce and merely do your social for a few weeks and see how it does there’s all things and their companies actually go out and do That but measuring your social volley. What do you want to measure the height of the shoot, the girth, the heat, the BTUs of it, or do you want to measure how handsome the fervor is, how it’s, bringing in your community and to me that’s, what you want to start Measuring and then the sediment analysis is it Jenning in your pay label campaigners, and I’ve been quoted many times and that I always say you know you can have a hundred thousand partisans, but one unpaid symbol proponent is worth a million of those. If those hundred thousand don’t care about you, you don’t care of them. So what can we measure? Well, anybody knows that there’s three points to a shoot. You need a fuel root, you need oxygen and you need heat and that those three things are. You can get unusually empirical testify on what they are and then you can measure the end result, so your oil beginning. To me. These are your followers, your devotees, your contacts and LinkedIn, your email directory and people don’t think email is not social communication. Do you get wise back? Do you have two action speeches it’s social, so don’t reject it. It’s hard work to get a good quality fuel source that’s. We can’t go out and buy admirers and by followers because they’re not going to be a good quality fuel source. Think of having a bushel of cool buds they burn beautifully, but do they last? No. If you go out and find some yearn that’s been freshly chipped, is it going to burn? Yes, is going to burn nicely and be a warm and nice flaming? It’s gon na, be a stinky one. You go out and find some aged hardwood that’s well aged. It might be a little harder to get started, but once it burns it’s got a nice pleasant odor. You browse beings in because it’s got a beautiful dye. That is what you want to do and that’s something you can measure. You can count your devotees, your admirers and you can use tools. Despite what Sam’s telling you about cloud. Yes, people’s bad lip it and there are lots of problems with gaming and things like pure indicator and fidget Iser and a dozen other tools. I’m , absolutely no truth to the rumors, but you don’t look at someone’s score, because the scores are senseless. Number because it’s, I always an algae great. You got a value of 80 80. What you know tell some of your automobile does 80. It’s at 80 miles per hour. Is it 80 miles to the gallon big difference, so it doesn’t mean thing, but you can use it to find people who are passionate about your topic, find them investigate them. This is using the most important measurement tool. Your brain assure what they’re. Talking about, are they a big supporter of your manufacture, of your product of your brand or out they are they out there bad mouthing you and then you have to come up with a strategy about them, because if you say well, look at all these aspects, we Have and they’re all there ready to pounce on you at your first misstep. You’re not going to have a neat warm volley. You’re gon na have a forest fire that you’re going to be fending off with honour management. Then you need your oxygen to me. Oxygen is like content. What I’m puttin out there. These are my blog affixes, my tweets, my status modernizes my email sell attempts. These are my content and just think about you know the cottage, wherever you might have ever been, whatever it is you realise a big. You know several cords of grove out back and breath everywhere. Do they spontaneously combust? No, but you can measure how often you’re putting out content, how many blog post are you doing a daily blog announce? Are you doing a weekly blog post? Are we tweeting out 20 days a thousand times a day? You can do a measurement on aspect. What is the topic of our content that we’re putting out? How much is it positive? How much is it response to customer complaints was the response, a helpful response? Was it not a supportive response, so we can actually measure the quality of the oxygen that’s bordering our oil and that is part of unusually quantified that beings get. Then you need to get the heat, the trigger. What’s going to kindle that meridian radical – and this is the hardest part to measure and to me this is when one of your fuel generators was of the view that resonated with me. Let me share it: it’s. The share you now went beyond your cost. Will source? Third, you’re saying beings come them this barrage, take a look at it. Come join me where he got this great glow, running it’s. Warm. We got some marshmallows now to Rose come on. We got some hot dogs have a beer, let’s have discussions around this brand. A bear upon this product. Think of the glowing of this month of the projector. Here we all came here to gather around its glow. Andras is being a successful fire for you. You were drew attention to it through social sell tries. Most likely you heard about it from someone. You’ve, probably told person you were coming to it. Was it accessible one to me, I met at least I say a half dozen beings, I’ve never “ve met before” wasn’t even in touch with him on Twitter, and now we’re going to be sure this is right. Communicating to me that’s a successful engagement, why I came to this fire to talk to you. How many people here have met at least two beings? They had never met before and “youve had” the contacts there. You start so that’s to me previously. There’s one of your paws. This accompany, like forgot, all the great information there’s, something and now, if you can help that flaming originate and say yes, it’s for my manufacture, its pattern, my personal growth, whatever it is it’s that volley you have to get passionate and You can start quantifying it and why do you have to start appraising things and you have to quantify things you want to draw that create that neat campfire that’s going to draw the person or persons in share the brews share the line share the marshmallows. If not, you get a forest shell and we’ve heard some examples in you know today of bad opportunities, opportunities missed where contestants go out. Do you want to control the conversation when you don’t control the conversation and you’re? Not your advocates. Aren’t even there to protect you, it all the people who are against you. You get the forest shoot. It sends your patrons loping. Add too much oxygen. If you tweet too much if that’s, where all your social contact is as the more you tweet, what does your follower count do whoa? What’s going on? I’m going to cut back on my tweets. Oh, I’m doing this. It’s growing. I may have found the right amount when I do this amount. I get so many retweets putting a blog announce to the blog post. Draw more parties to me. Did I get more mentions? Did I get more people signing up for the RSS feed? Those are evaluations, they’re telling you a micro, a neat heated and welcoming barrage. It’s not about part. If you grant a attack too much oxygen, kaboom, you get the BP oil spill and they weren’t there to finagle it and that’s part of the key. And then when it comes to tools. I adoration Sam’s analogy and I’ve squandered it before it’s. What’s between you know the ears that’s your best tool there’s lots of free implements out there that you can go and start using and setting things. You’re there a lot of paid tools. You have to decide what is it worth and one resemblance, and I’ll leave you with this thought when it comes to tools and for quantify or flaming, do you want to go to Ikea and get that free strip, measurement and pencil to calibrate it or Do you want to go and buy the 200 and stall or black and decker laser, leader tape measure and is accurate within half a millimeter? It depends what you want to measure and on that kind of guessed, “ve been thinking about” your flame. Think what you need to measure and blame align your implements and start measuring, because without it, businesses won’t making profits. The profit may not be today. It is down the line, and thank you very much for having me you.

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