– good evening I’m going to talk about a thought that may you may not know very much about, but I promise you by the time I get to them. My presentation, you’ll, be affected by what I’m talking about. We’ve been talking about social networks the working day. You’re very well known these icons from Facebook and Twitter YouTube and LinkedIn. When I talk about something a little bit different, I’ve been kind of darling with this for two years and it came to a brain this year because my spouse had an operation called pedicle, subtraction osteotomy and in essence it was spine surgery and before she Had the sticker surgery, we went to the internet and we probed on the internet to get more information. When that wasn’t enough, we actually went to social networks. It began to query the social networks. We witnessed more informed information from the social networks and thus my presentation, so I’m going to talk about this concept called credence goods. What is that? Well, first of all social networks build involvement, needs and social Authority. What do we get from social networks, identity? Conferences sharing presence affairs honours and we likewise figure groups. What does the credence good? It’s an economic term that involves a delivery of goods and services based on trust alone. Think about the things we buy on rely alone, in that, since we don’t experiment it, the experts give us the information and we agreed on based on trust alone, that’s called a credence good. Well what’s wrong with that? Most of us are never really sure how much of that it is necessary or whether we need it at all. In words of this credence good, we go to the experts and the experts determine how much we need and whether we need it at all. The trouble is, this: makes an asymmetry between the purchasers and the marketer and also supports the marketer to be fraudulent and too to chisel us at times. This crete is good is reflected in three concepts. Sometimes we go to these parties. We get over treatment, we get too much sometime, “theres going”, we get under plowed, we get not enough, and sometimes we get overcharged. I’m going to talk about business afternoon in terms of three structures: the health systems, car amends and cab drivers, understanding the role played by over medicines under treatments and over blaming through social networks can enhance the social Authority. I time has spoken about and maximize the consumers ability to ask intelligent questions, establish rational decisions and accompanied actions; okay, social networks and online health care locates. 7 5 percent of patients and Canadian hospitals are harmed by their care. One in thirteen 9250 220 3750 died in Canadian hospices every year as a result of adverse events. Thirty seven percent of these adverse events were determined to be preventable. Sixteen percent or 4 3 million adult Canadians is confident that a medical mistake occurred when they receive healthcare systems. In the last two years there are a number of health websites that further developed. Some were mentioned earlier. Here got a few others. They were concerned with patient safety. There’s a Web MD there’s cyber md, there’s medical knowledge for everyone. On Facebook and their actual procedures that procedures on youtube, if you dare to look at them, they’re there and terribly graphic, but they’re there. There are also ratings of physicians, hospices and clinics on rated ratemds com and health remembers com. So, monitoring these credence, goods consuming interactions and social networks may grow a more informed consumer who can ask more intelligent questions of doctors, hospitals and health care systems? Questioning more intelligent questions. They contribute to improve quality health care. What some examples some healthcare questions you can ask if you were me, would you have the surgery what’s the worst that can happen? If i don’t have the surgery how many of these surgeries have you acted and what’s the success rate with the surgery, one of my personal favorites is, I understand you wanted to discharge me from the hospital tonight, but I don’t feel Very pleasant that I can manage myself at home. This may cause you to stay an extra night at research hospitals. Let’s go on from there to talk about social networks, creedence goods and online auto restores, the switches from human amend to now car repair. What happens in these situations? Sometimes these parties sell us superfluous liquors such as antifreeze, brake, liquid and supremacy, steering liquor they amend, something that we’d even ask them to repair and oftentimes. They use the same segment or use part and replacing repair on our auto. So “what were doing” about this, we could check out the repair shops history with a better business bureau. We can make sure that the fix-it shop reputations that existing warranty so that we don’t pay for parts and labor covered by the spread warranty. We can answer written repairs or you can actually watch auto mends on youtube. There’s also a site called at auto media on gab. That affords automated automotive advice, auto refreshes, photos and maintenance rates there’s also ww, vehicle state. Auto Mediacom restrain good upkeep records. We all know that get a second opinion or calculate from another supermarket and try to talk to the mechanic who’s actually “workin on” your car. What kind of questions do we expect? Mechanics? Are you mechanics licensed you gives people a written feature gues? Would you check whether the restores under guaranty and we can return all the old proportions that are replaced and the final one of the purposes of my talk is social networks, credence good and online kab rate cap locates? Some of you ,’ ve, been have this experience. Where you’ve gone on. Cab journeys. What happens? We get billed the wrong cab pace. They say the meter is broken. It’s , not switching it on or designating it to 0. At the start of the trip unlicensed operators extra charge, it sometimes a charge for heat, air conditioning and even luggage, long hauling, which is taking the panoramic itinerary. Take it to the wrong location and saying it’s your defect and the sleight of hand where you give them thirty dollars, they actually count only 20. How much do you tip-off the cabbie? These are questions you actually can find out online ever get a metered taxi, because the meters always flowed cheaper than flat rates, negotiate the rates in advance research, the road and actually use your phone GPS. For that process. There’s a site announced taxi finder com. There’s also a site called the happycabbie on YouTube. There’s taxi gourmet com, which actually shows you not only how to get the various sits, but likewise with the dine. When you get near them and also is a site announced defraud. Buster’s meet some examples of things you can ask cab drivers. You give me an estimate beforehand of the cost of this cab razz. I’d recognize if you wouldn’t take me the scenic street, which will cost me more money and do you have a meter and is it working and then finally, is your license posted? May I see it? I have bad news. I have good bulletin and I have better word: the bad news is what you don’t know, can hurt or even kill you because cause your auto not to run properly or not at all or compensate. You have to pay higher cab rates. The good word is understanding social networks and cretins goods can reduce medical inaccuracies, superfluous vehicle fixings and high-pitched cab proportions. The better information is that, through coaching, customers learn how to search online social networks that can potentially reform the negative impact of these credence. Goods have a little model, i’m developing. Historically, we looked at these experts and we got advice from them. The doctor told us what to do. We did it. The auto repair gondola car-mechanic said repaired. We amended it. The cab driver said it’s X, quantity of dollars. We abode it, I’m a reliable modeling utilizing social networks becomes interactive, becomes interactive, and since we go to these websites, we get information from these places. Cases talk about the experiences with physicians, parties have the car repaired, talk about suffers with specific car-mechanics and sure-fire repair shop and people who are in certain municipalities. Talk about the experiences with taxis like to leave you with this quote from Gandhi, consciously or unconsciously. Every one of us does make some service or other. If we nurture the habit of doing the service deliberately, our desire for service will steadily grow stronger and we’ll construction is not merely our own pleasure but that of the world at large. Thank you. You

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