Hi everybody I’m Flavio. My name is Federica Lai. My name is Giovanni Pillar. My name is Mario. I’m Alessandro Imparato. I’m Francesca Casiraghi. My name is Maurizio. I’m Andrea from Agrenta. I’m Flavio of Novis. My name is Sebastiano Bertani, I’m founder and CEO in Tanaza com. London, Trade Art is a visionary project that aims to create a bridge between art and finance, A bridge between software integrator, for join gondolas and for accuracy raising SEO. Tester Online is a web marketing platform. We are developing a program that actually helps people and businesses to really come together and cure communication. We are working in the art sphere, We “ve created” the first passport for artwork. We are working to help people to live their lifestyle. Our user enjoy free boozes from French. I represent a payment service provider, We help media companies, publishers and journalists Simulation of experiences for education. Thank you. Thank you very much. I’m super proud to be Italian . .

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