social media are computer interceded tools that allow people or companies to create share or exchange information career interests the suggestions and videos/ videos in virtual communities and structures social media is defined as a group of internet-based employments that build on the ideological and technological foundations of web 2.0 and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content furthermore social media depend on mobile and web-based engineerings to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals and communities share co-create discuss and modify user-generated content they insert substantial and prevalent changes to communication between business administrations communities and individuals these changes are the focus of the rising domain of techno self studies social media differ from traditional or industrial media in many ways including character contact frequency usability immediacy and permanence social media operate in a dialogic transmission system numerous generators – many receivers this is in contrast to traditional media that operates under a mono logic communication model one beginning to many receivers social media has been broadly defined to refer to the many relatively cheap and widely accessible electronic tools that enable anyone to publish and access information collaborate on a common exertion or build relationships there are many impressions that stem from internet usage according to Nielsen Internet users continue to spend more time with social media places than any other type of site at the same time the total time spent on social media in the US across PC and portable designs enhanced by 99% to 121 billion instants in July 2012 compared to 66 billion times in July 2011 for content benefactors the benefits of participating in social media going to go beyond simply social sharing to building reputation and bringing in career opportunities and monetary income as discussed in tangu and Winston 2012 you approximated it well YouTube is classic speciman of social media stage

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