Building successful the enterprises and achieving as well as maintaining product leadership calls for a smart strategy be included with subject to apply and achieve the plan. Understanding how the successful brand commanders have achieved the same helps administration students to learn the ropes of video games. If you are hoping to make it as a business director or a marketing administrator, it is crucial for you to know the realities of how industries are managed in the present surrounding, especially where the competitor is very intense and the old terms and conditions of the game are not valid anymore. One of the best ways of understanding how things work is to read up as far as possible about the differences among Organizations and understand their success formula.

One of the very interesting suit analyzes that the students in the American University get to read about is of AT& T’s Universal Card Services . At a occasion when the debit card market was is characterized by Retail Banks who found it highly profitable business, Universal Card Services made an entry and within two years went on to become a violence to reckon with.

Let us look at world markets scenario at this time. The marketplace was flooded with different debit card companies but there was hardly any brand awareness for, “the consumers ” were only aware that the card was issued either by Master or Visa. The credit card services were no good. Every transaction whether it was a change of address or a payment verification was always a hassle, period consuming and involved a lot of article operate and follow up on the part of the customers. Besides, the annual cost and the service charges were very high.

AT& T Universal Card Company understood very smartly that the customers were not happy with the high fees and poor services and the time was just ripe to give billions of credit card customers a new option that was’ a daydream come true ‘. AT& T Universal credit card services went on to introduce new credit card riding on AT& T’s brand reputation and with superior and faster customer service. Patrons suddenly located themselves with unbelievable option of a credit card that did not accuse them any annual cost, lower service charges and rate of interest with unmatched, efficient and easy customer service.

Within two years, the company expanded their client base to over 20 million users and it is reported that they achieved a breakeven within 27 months of their operations.

It is quite interesting to see how the Company will continue to be make a dent in the already mature charge card marketplace. While the retail banks were utilizing legacy systems and depends on manual processes to extend their customer services functionings, UCS took advantage of emerging engineering, installed new systems and moved ahead with process and system driven automated customer service program. Any patron dialing in for any service would find that it took him only a few minutes to get his address changed or a service entreaty attended to. This was a big relief when compared to the others who took several days and lots of documentation.

One of the most important factors that made this corporation successful was their unrelenting chase of excellence in operations as well as in providing a superior value proposition to their customers . When the rest of the debit card companies in the market took over a couple of weeks to verify the customer rating, process applications and issue charge card and messenger the same to the customers, UCS completed the entire process within a week and reached it to the customer’s entrance in no time.

Internally the company focused on ensuring that their operations were efficient as well as defect free. The administration preserved their focus on investing into operations and elevating improved efficiency saloon, while on the customer side, they concentrated on rendering unmatched service as well as added value products. In a brilliant move, the company introduced a debit card be included with great distances call card thereby passing dual advantage to the customers. Now the customers could carry one card instead of two separate cards in their wallet as well as get a discount on the great distances calls.

Understanding how these leadership companies‘ strategies, their discipline in managing the business and the underlying importances and attitudes towards their business, products and clients impart us prized lessons in marketing.