Baby cobra pose with legs crossed

Balance pose

Bird of paradise pose

Boat pose variation in half lotus

Bound revolved side angle pose

Bound revolved triangle pose

Bound triangle pose

Camel pose in a twist

Camel pose with foot lifted

Camel pose with one hand out

Cat pose on the forearms

Child’s pose with knees wide

Cobra pose feet up and head back

Dolphin pose with leg back

Embryo pose in headstand preparation

Embryo pose preparation

Embryo pose

Extended puppy pose

Fish pose

Fish pose preparation in half lotus

Fish pose with feet back

Fish pose with hands up

Garland pose

Gate keeper pose

Graceful thuderbolt holding ankles

Half bound lotus back stretched out pose

Half root lock pose

Half saddle pose side bend

Hand to foot pose in a squat

Happy baby pose

Hero pose on the toes

Heron pose in a twist

Heron pose preparation with hands bound

Heron pose preparation

Lateral seated angle pose

Little thunderbolt pose

Lizard pose with back leg up

Lizard pose with one arm back

Locust pose feet up arms out

Locust pose variation with hands in reverse anjali mudra

Long horn pose in a forward bend

Lotus pose in a forward bend

Lunge pose leaning back

Monkey pose looking up

One leg king pigeon pose leaning back

One leg king pigeon pose

One leg reclined hero pose

One leg reclined hero pose with knee bent

One legged frog pose

Open angle pose bend with hands bound back

Open angle pose in a forward bend

Open angle pose with hands up

Pigeon in a twist

Pigeon pose in a twist

Pigeon pose with arms out

Plow pose holding the feet

Plow pose with legs open and hands together

Quarter dog pose

Rabbit pose

Reclined frog pose

Reclined hero pose in a knee bend

Reclined thuderbolt pose with hands up

Reclined thunderbolt pose

Reclined Vishnu’s pose

Reverse anjali mudra bend

Revolved half moon pose

Revolved heron pose

Revolved knee to the head pose with leg up

Revolved reclined big toe pose with leg bent

Revolved seated angle pose

Sage Marichi pose preparation

Sage Marichi pose

Sage Marichi’s pose

Sage Vamadeva’s pose

Seated angle pose holding big toes

Snail pose with one knee up

Sphinx pose with legs crossed

Sphinx pose with legs in Lotus

Sphinx pose

Standing split pose

Standing splits Pose

Stretched out legs pose preparation

Sundial pose preparation

Stretched out peacock pose with leg up

Sundial pose

Thunderbolt pose on the toes leaning back

Tiptoe bridge pose

Toetop table pose

Tortoise pose

Tree pose with hands in side eagle

Two leg inverted staff pose with legs crossed

Upward bow pose on one arm

Upward bow pose with hand to heart

Upward bow pose with one leg up

Upward facing back stretched out pose

Upward half lotus forward bend

Warrior with hands behind your back

Yoga seal pose