4 Ways to Get Awesome Arms


Boat Pose


Child’s Pose

Cross Crawl

Diagonal Butt Buster

Dolphin Plank

Figure Four Squat with Shoulder Raise

Heel Slides

Leap Frog

Legs Up a Wall

Mountain Climbers

Opposite Arm and Leg Lift


Pilates Boxing

Power Push-Up Plank

Seated Spinal Twist

Split Squat Rotation

Standing Glute Toner

Standing Knee Tuck

Straight Leg Raise

Straight Line Side Lifts

Stretching Lunge


Thumb Arm Figure 8’s

Tricep Dips

Upward Dog

V Lunge Switch


Windshield Wiper

X Jack Jump

4 Fat-Blasting Jumping Exercises

A Squat + Overhead Press

Alternating Lunges

Butt-Lifting Move Hip Bridge

Do a Perfect Lunge

Do a Perfect Plank

Double Leg Stretch

Double-Duty Strength Exercise#U05c3 Bicep Curl

Kettlebell Swing

Kneeling Side Leg Circles ¦ Butt-Lifting Move

Side Kicks

Straight Leg Raise Stretch

Swan Exercise

Plank With Arm Leg Lift

All-Fours Leg Swing

Army Crawl Leg Extension

Grand Plie With Kick

Mini Squat With Leg Extension

Side Hip Drop and Kick

Single-Leg Kick Workout Move

Stretch, Bend and Kick

Close-Grip Triceps Press

Crunch to Boat Pose


Drop Workout Move

Dumbbell Squats

Overhead Press

Standing Posture Curl

180-Jump Squat Workout Move

Bicycle Abs With Dumbbell Pec Fly Workout Move

Knee Lift with Reverse Row Workout

One-Legged Deadlift with Leg Extension and Overhead Press

Plank Jacks

Plank with Opposite Limb Extension

Side Lunge to Curtsy Workout Move

Sit Out Workout Move

Back Behinds to Tone Your Back

Bridge Butterflies

Criss Cross Scissors for Your Thighs

Cross Butt Kick

Crunch Twist for a Strong Core

Fire Hydrant + Heel Up Move

Frogger Abs

Heel Kicks for a Tight Butt

Hot Potato

Oil Riggers for Strong Triceps

Plié Squats to Tone Your Legs

Pushing Grasshopper Move

Rainbow Butt Move

Reverse Plank Triceps Dips

Scissor Sit Ups

Side Lunges for Lean Legs

T-Stand Pulses for a Tighter Butt

Wiggle Move for a Strong Core

Windmill for Your Obliques

Wing Pulses to Sculpt Your Back

5 Variations on the Plank

Advanced Leg Crunches

Belly Blaster

Boat Pose Exercise

Body-Weight Squat

Bridge Opposite Arm-Leg Reach

Circles in the Sky

Oblique Driving-Knee Crunch

Supine Twist

Swan Dive Exercise

Teaser Exercise

Tone-It V Hold