Though not widely accepted at the moment arranging ads for ebooks is fast gaining some level of popularity. The revenue earner is nowhere near phenomenal yet is would be something interesting and beneficial to consider.


The popular question that is currently hotly debated is whether or not ebooks should feature ads and if so how much should the authors receive in terms of revenue percentages.

Some eBook designers are now including platforms for advertising applications to facilitate revenue earning possibilities. Though it is still considered unfamiliar territory there are visible concerted efforts made to tap into this possibility for the future.

Attracting advertisers to the ebooks is an ongoing exercise but unlike other media there is some level of ambiguity when it comes to the accurate projection of sales derived from eBooks.

Some advertising can be comfortably applied to the particular device or brand author with a proven track record for sales to the digital versions made.

Then there is the possibility of garnering smaller advertising revenue projections which might be available to a target based audience for specific content. However meaningful projections of sales percentages which are to be based on corresponding advertising costs may prove to be rather difficult.

There are also those that are quite against the idea of including ads in the eBook style of publications as it is currently perceived to be somewhat annoying and cumbersome.

Those who choose not to be interrupted by such ads basically down load applications that stop such interruptions adequately thus defeating the overall intentions of advertising in the first place.

There is also the issue of interactive availability and color screen help when it comes to viewing the ad on eBook. To date both these issues though being addressed by the relevant experts it has reached a level where the eBook user gets optimum quality visual effects.