Most of these platforms are designed around the need to extend help to those seeking to rid themselves of the online gaming addiction without actually wanting to go public about their individual addictions.

The main idea for most of these groups would be to have some sort of self help fellowship sessions that will allow those participating to share various aspects about the online gaming addictions.

There usually take on the form of both the negative and the positive elements all parties have experienced with the intention of allowing everyone participating, the chance to be able to relate to each other without being judged or ridiculed in any way.

The most common problems that almost everyone relates to would be the over indulgence of excessive online game playing of any sort. This ideal platform provides the necessary help from those who understand the addiction and are able to relate to the individual’s struggle and also understand the apparent triumphant feelings these indulgences provide.

For those who are not online gaming addicts, trying to provide support may be quite difficult as they would not be able to fully understand and accept the hold such online gaming activities have on the individual.

This will eventually be quite frustrating for both parties as they would not really be able to help each other adequately, therefore it would be better to seek the help to platforms such as online gamers anonymous if complete understanding and support is to be gained.

Most of those involved in the online gaming anonymous session would be there for the purpose of being able to significantly provide elements such as open discussions on the actual addiction, support, education and even referrals should the need be apparent for professional intervention. The participants usually find strength in helping each other to overcome the addiction by reinforcing the desire to kick the habit.