When it comes to the issue of safety and electricity, there should always be a check list in place to help the parent ensure that all bases are covered and the probability of accidents occurring is kept to a minimal if any.

No Shocks

The following are some of the area that would ideally need some consideration when it comes to addressing the issue of safety for children:

Often parent overlook the need to be weary when it comes to unused electrical outlets. Children have a tendency to stick objects into such outlets especially when left unsupervised, thus the need to have all unused electricity outlets covered with safety plugs at all times.

Having all major electrical appliances grounded would also be something to look into, as a curious child will think nothing of touching items that are in the β€œon” mode.

It would be a good idea to have long cords fastened against walls and also to remove any potential electrical fire hazard possibilities such as overloaded electrical sockets and electrical wires running along floors and under carpets.

Radiators and baseboard heaters should be covered with childproof screens at all times and gas fireplaces should be secured with a valve cover or a key of some sort.

The fireplaces should also have a screen and other barriers in place whether in use or not. Cleaning chimneys often is also another
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element that would require some attention. The parent would also have to ensure that all electrical space heaters are positioned at least three feet from any other items such as beds, curtain, or anything that would be considered flammable based material.

As another precautionary measure, the parent should have all emergency contact numbers posted in a visible and convenient location should any mishaps occur in spite of all the precautions taken.