7 Things To talk over Before Getting Married


While we have learned a lot of lessons about happy matrimony from research, we have resolved that what you do in the early levels of your relationship will bear on deciding the sum success and longevity of your wedlock.


Here are the most substantial events we discovered through our research that ought to be talked over prior to getting married:


  • You need to have a true and realistic discussion of why you love each other.


What don’t I Understand about you that you believe you need to tell me?

Is there anything that annoys you about me?


  • You need to share what you believe to be the “nitty-gritty values” of your love life (i.e., what counts the most to you in your relationship with each other?).


What are your religions?

How committed do you think you are in addressing one another with regard?

How crucial is trustworthiness and wholeness to for each one of you?



  • You should discuss whether or not having youngsters are crucial to your matrimonial relationship.


Would you wish to have youngsters?

What experiences have you had with youngsters?

Do you have a STD that may effect having youngsters?


  • You need to discuss how you see your relationship formulating down the road – what do you want it to be five, ten, and twenty+ years from now?


Where do you consider our married life in 5 years?

What are your desires for our marriage?

How will our union bear on your relationship with your acquaintances and family?


  • You need to convey to each other how you’ll share decision-making in your marriage.


How should we arrive at conclusions about crucial issues in our married life?

When we take issue with each others opinion, how may we determine issues amicably?

How will we collectively manage our financial resourcefulness?


  • You need to have an earnest conversation about the question – “Can you conceive of life without each other?”


What are your dreams for our lives together?

What do we do to assure our health for a long life together?

Can you imagine a day when we would not be together or we would not love one another any longer?


It’s clear to us that these discussions are crucial predictors of the health and lastingness of your relationship with one another and, as a result, great predictors of the entire success of your married life.


Based on the answers we have collected from the best and most pleased marriages around the world, the answers to these queries will assure you a great deal about the viability of your relationship and is a valid predictor of whether or not your wedlock will last the test of time.