Change Your Mood


Foul moods, we all have them. A few of us have them day by day. The boss ticks us off, the youngsters won’t stop brawling, the spouse is sounding off, traffic is bad, and the bills just keep coming or the automatic washer brakes down — once more.


Any of these matters and more may put us in a bad mood – if we allow it. The great news is, we don’t have to stay in that bad mood. We may change it, notwithstanding our circumstances, if we take a couple of minutes to gain some view. You are able to literally alter your mood (without drugs or alcohol) in as little as five minutes.


Take a breath — nice and deep, in through the nose, away through the mouth. Take ten long, deep breaths to get the oxygen running though your body and start to relax your muscles. Sit cross-legged on the floor or lye down if possible. Carry on breathing deeply.


Discover a happy thought.  You are able to start to rise above this bad mood if you’ll shift your focus from what’s bothering you, to things and individuals that make you pleased. Discover a happy place, real or imagined, and picture it vividly in your brain — the colors, the scents, everything about it. Center on that for a moment or two while you carry on to breathe deep.


Have a mental attitude of Appreciation. Start with something simple and obvious, like “Thankfully, I don’t have to live with my boss, I may leave him at the office and feel sorry for his wife!” or “Thank goodness I’m in this room with the door locked for at least five minutes of peace!” Whatever works for you. The funnier you are able to make it; the faster it will lift your mood. Even matters like, “It could be worse, I could be in the jailhouse in a foreign country,” or “I may be living on the street or ill and in the hospital with some terminal illness. This is truly not that bad.”


Remember, things may forever be worse. You may be uglier, shorter, or heavier than you are now, I’m certain.


Begin listing all of the good things you have to be grateful for, like being able to see and treasure beauty, hear music and laughter, smell roses, savor good food, walk, run, dance, drive a car, talk to acquaintances, look up great articles on the internet, and so forth., etc. Continue breathing deep and choosing to concoct the positive rather than the negative.


In just minutes, even though your circumstances might not alter, your mood will. You’ll have succeeded in altering your thoughts, relaxing, and taking charge of your mood. You’ll no longer allow that particular individual or situation to ruin your day. You’ll have taken your power back, and with it, your great mood!