Getting over a heart break is hard enough, but the more meaningful the relationship made up, the harder it is to get over it and move on. If you are at the point where you understand the relationship cannot be rescued. These tips will help in many ways – they will help to heal the pain, and they will help you to start getting along with your life.

First of all, make the relationship be really over – amputate all contact with him. You cannot communicate with him at all in any ways – not by phone, not by text messaging him, not by snail mail . . . Get it? Over means over. You need to be strong to come through this process – you couldalso start right now. Resist the enticement “just to hear his voice.” Take it a step farther, as a matter of fact – don’t annoy his friends with askings for updates on his condition. You do not need to know, and as long as you try to, you make things more difficult for yourself.

Secondly, talk to your friends and family. These are the people you have lived with, people you can rely on in your life. The chances are good that a few or all of them have been through with what you’re feeling now- maybe they’ve some insights they can share with you! You’re not going to get your life moving along if you just hang out alone – get together with your friends and family and go out somewhere, have a good time! If you pass your time with family and friends, it will preoccupy you, so that you will not spend as much time thinking of your lost love.

Third, do not keep your emotions in. Believe all the different emotions are inside you – why keep them suppressed? There are many different things you are able to do – shout, scream, cry, wail – just as far as you don’t hurt yourself. When you are allowing your emotions come out, do not hold back, do not restrain yourself. The idea here is actually to flush out those bad emotions – get them all out of you. If you are polite and bounded during the process of getting over a love- that is, if you do not really let go of your feelings inside you and let them loose – then you are going to have a very hard time moving on from your love.

Fourth, stop lazing about pitying yourself – get busy! For instance, think about all the things you have promised yourself you would do, but never went around to. Advantageously, now’s the time to get out there and do some of them! If you have some new pursuit absorbing in your mind, you will not have very much of time to spend thinking of your lost love. Think about all the different chases available to you – you could learn a musical instrument, or a new language, or do some regular hiking or kayaking. You can even take a vacation on your own if you care to! You will have a great time acquiring or experiencing new things, on top of it you’ll also be learning that you are able to have a happy life and a good time without him!

The fifth step is never forget that your capability for love is countless, and you are never “too old” to find a new love. You’d be surprised how many times that happened when people think that they will never find another love same the one they just lost. Remember – it’s always conceivable to fall in love and to be loved again. Who knows? Maybe the true love of your life is some one else waiting just around the corner, and it was necessary for you to break of your old relationship first. I believe everything happens with a reason . So if it did not work out for you it means that there is some thing or some one better is waiting for you in your future. As long as you get out there and make an effort, you will find a new love for sure.

These steps have worked for many other people in healing a broken heart or a break up and getting over a love – I hope they helped you too. Most of us have been where you are, i know that doesn’t make it hurt any less. But, Trust me – time passing will help heal your heart. Take care of your heart and follow these steps, and I’m positive that your heart’s convalescence will be rapid!